How to deal with anxiety on your wedding day

Published date: 13th June 2017

It’s normal to suffer anxiety on your wedding day. Not only are you make a huge life change, you’re also spending the day in the spotlight. This is your day and it’s all about you.

It should be the happiest day of your life, so it would be a shame if anxiety marred the experience. Here are some tips on how to manage anxiety on your wedding day that you can start using straight away.

Ground Yourself

A good tip people with anxiety use is to ground themselves in the here and now. Focus on objects close to you and think about yourself in the present rather than the future. Just looking a minute into the future can send your anxiety out of control on your wedding day. Stay in the present and this will also help you to appreciate every single moment.

Breathe Deep

It’s a cliché but breathing deeply really works. When you panic, less oxygen gets to your brain which then causes a vicious cycle, making you panic more, often leading to a panic attack. Breathe deeply, or use a paper bag. You can also invest in a salt pipe that helps with the breathing too.

Try Natural Remedies

There are rescue remedies and herbal tablets that can calm nerves. A few drops of a rescue remedy under the tongue can be enough to help you feel in control of the situation.

Try a Tipple

If you do go down the alcohol route, make sure you give yourself a limit. No bride likes to suffer a hangover halfway through the wedding breakfast. Try just a quick shot of brandy or port to settle the nerves. It may be best to avoid the bubbles until you’ve said your vows.

Be Honest

When you meet your groom, be honest. Tell him how nervous you are, you can even tell the entire room. It’s your day. Somehow, once you’ve let people in on your secret, it doesn’t seem to matter as much and the majority of your guests will empathise if they are already married.

Remember, You’re in Control

With wedding guests and family members it’s easy to forget that this is your day. If you want to sit in the church garden all day, watching the clouds roll by with your new husband, you can. This day is about your future, your enjoyment, your happiness. Sometimes, once you remember that this is a day about your life, rather than a party to please others, the nerves dissipate in an instance. All you are responsible for is you, and your happiness. Everyone else can take care of themselves, and they will!

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