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Newly Engaged? This is Where to Start with Your Wedding Planning

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Cheers to the newly engaged power couple! You’re officially on the road to forever, and that means it’s time to pop the confetti, dream big, and dive headfirst into the wonderful world of wedding planning!

Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Don’t worry everyone feels similar at this point, so let’s shake that off and sprinkle some joy into the first steps of your wedding planning journey.

Outline Your Vision, Wants, Needs, and Non-Negotiables

Newly Engaged? This is Where to Start with Your Wedding Planning Untitled (1000 x px) 1

Firstly, grab a pen, a notepad, and maybe a glass of your favourite bubbly. It’s time for a wedding vision board party!

Sit down with your other half and spill the beans on your dream wedding. Are you picturing a boho-chic bash or a sleek and modern soirée? Discuss colours, themes, and all those Pinterest-worthy details. Don’t forget the essentials: your guest list, budget, and the wedding date.

Remember, compromise is the secret sauce. Finding that sweet spot between your wants and practical needs will make your wedding planning process super smooth. This conversation isn’t just about the big day; it’s a team-building exercise and merging your visions.

Venue Vibes: Where Dreams Become Reality

Newly Engaged? This is Where to Start with Your Wedding Planning The happy couple on their wedding day.jpg 2

Let’s talk venues, the grand stage for your nuptials, wedding party and the next port of call here today.

Close your eyes and envision where you want to say, “I do.” Is it in a fairytale castle, a sun-kissed garden, or maybe on a beach with the waves serenading your vows? ForBetterForWorse is your matchmaker extraordinaire, offering the biggest array of venues just waiting for your magic touch.

Swipe through the possibilities, from charming barns to trendy city spots. Find a wedding venue that makes your heart skip a beat and turns your wedding day into everything you have ever wanted. Start with reaching out and arranging a viewing to see if your venue aligns with all your wants, needs and the all-important wedding budget.

It's Party Time: Celebrate Your Love Story

Newly Engaged? This is Where to Start with Your Wedding Planning Untitled (1000 x px) (1) 3

Hold your horses on the spreadsheets and brochures—it’s time to celebrate! Because, let’s face it, getting engaged is a big deal!

Here are some super cute ideas to mark your engagement:

  • Family Feast: Host a family dinner with all the fixings. Picture a table overflowing with your favourite dishes, laughter filling the air, and clinking glasses to your happily ever after.
  • Strike a pose: Arrange an engagement photoshoot at a spot that’s meaningful to both of you. Whether it’s where you first met or just a place you both love, capture the magic and create memories that will last a lifetime. These photo’s double up as imagery for your wedding website and stationery! Dreamy.
  • Jet Set and Go: Take a break from the hustle and bustle. Plan a getaway, whether it’s a weekend retreat or an exotic escape. It’s your time to relax, revel in each other’s company, and toast to the adventures that lie ahead.
  • Party Time: Throw an engagement party that screams ‘you.’ Whether it’s a casual back garden barbecue or a swanky soiree, let the world know you’re ready to party! This is your chance to kick off the festivities surrounded by your favourite people.

Your Wedding Planning Fairy Godmother

Newly Engaged? This is Where to Start with Your Wedding Planning Untitled (1000 x px) (2) 4

As you navigate this thrilling adventure, know that ForBetterForWorse is your ultimate wedding wingman. Our directory is a treasure trove, bursting at the seams with venues and inspo galore. Dive into the magic and your wedding planning checklist. Click here.

Your journey to ‘I do’ is an adventure, and we’re here for the ride. So, let the wedding bells ring and the confetti fly—your happily ever after is just a few clicks away!

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Wedding Date in Mind? We offer you the chance to check the availability of your preferred wedding dates with venues in each county.