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30 Budget And DIY Wedding Centrepiece Ideas

Author: Hollie Bond

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Make your wedding reception tables look divine without blowing the wedding budget with these beautiful cheap and DIY wedding centrepieces.

When it comes to planning a wedding on a tight budget, decor naturally falls to the bottom of the ‘to buy’ list after big ticket items like the venue and catering. That doesn’t mean your wedding can’t look absolutely divine though. If you’re creative (or know someone who is) you can get stuck in making some pretty DIY wedding centrepieces for your reception tables. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to get the glue out then you can still make a big impact with some cheap, but eye catching reception decor.

We’ve rounded up the top 30 inexpensive wedding centrepieces that you can buy or DIY, and they’re all easy to put together but will look fabulous on your big day.

Cheap Wedding Centrepieces

If you’re looking for gorgeous wedding centrepieces on a budget you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down for our pick of the best affordable wedding centerpieces that look much more expensive than they are.

Paper Pinwheels

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

You can either buy these from somewhere like Etsy, or make them yourself if you’ve got time and are good at crafting. They use really cheap materials like paper and wooden sticks but the effect is brilliant. You could use the centre of your pinwheels to show the table number too.

Baby's Breath

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Baby’s breath or gypsophila is a really budget-friendly and pretty flower, so if you want to keep your flower costs down then it pays to go big with this bloom. We think it looks particularly smart in vintage birdcages (cheap to buy from sites like Hobbycraft), or collect jam jars or wine bottles to use as vases.

Eucalyptus Runner

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Another easy and cheap idea for a wedding centrepiece is to purchase eucalyptus from you local florist or flower stall at the market and then drape it artfully across your tables. Long tables in a rustic venue look really good with this style of foliage runner.

Floating Tea Lights

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Buy some glass vases, fill them with water (add food dye if you want some colour) and then float candles on top, et voilà – a pretty and budget-friendly way to make your wedding reception look chic.

Wooden Lanterns

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

You can buy inexpensive wooden lanterns from places like Dunelm and Wayfair. To make them wedding ready simply add a candle and some greenery, like eucalyptus, or flowers to the base. A collection of different sized lanterns looks particularly stylish in the centre of a wedding table.

Image Credit: Matt Gillis

Potted Plants

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

We love this idea because it’s so eco friendly as well as being cheap and looking amazing. You just need to take a trip to your local garden centre get some pots, plant them up with pretty flowers and then write the table number on the side with chalk.

Place them in the centre of your wedding tables to do double duty as centrepieces and table numbers. Once the wedding is over take all the potted plants home and put them in your garden as a lovely reminder of your big day.

Image Credit: Wisteria Photography

Paper Lanterns

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Paper lanterns don’t just have to be strung up from the beams of your venue to make an impact. If you want something more eye catching than simple glass vases for your flowers, place a paper lantern around each one to make it look like your flowers are planted inside it.

To make them look really stunning add a little LED light so the lantern glows romantically.

Fabric Runners

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Your can buy or hire colourful silk table runners or dazzling sequin runners from plenty of wedding stylists and hire companies and they look fabulous on their own or with a few simple floral arrangements or candles.

Flowers In Sand

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

A simple yet effective way to have floral centrepieces is to fill some hired or cheap vases with sand (for extra style points dye the sand to match your wedding colours) and then choose a few large bloom heads like peonies, roses and dahlias to place on top.


Budget Wedding Centrepieces

This one is so easy and so chic. Simply buy some inexpensive rose petals and sprinkle them generously along your tables or in the centre if you’ve got round tables. Dot a few tea lights or candles in glass jars throughout the petals for maximum romance.

Citrus Fruits

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

At summer or destination weddings, citrus fruits placed creatively along long trestle style tables or displayed in nice boxes in the centre of a table can look really vibrant and stylish. It’s another eco friendly option too, as the fruits can be reused afterwards, perhaps in cocktails at your post-wedding party!

Image Credit: Onelove Photography


Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Potted succulents can look really exquisite as wedding centrepieces and as they are quite small you can even tell guests they can take them home as wedding favours too. This centrepiece idea is easy to create – simply dot succulents of different sizes around the centre of your table. Metallic pots look particularly chic too.

Image Credit: Jillian Mitchell Photography

Tins With Flowers

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Collect retro looking tins from antique shops or flea markets (or modern ones and spray them metallic) and then gather some wild flowers the day before your wedding to pop inside. The contrast of the cool tin design with the pretty florals is always a winner.

Palm Leaf Runner

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Having a tropical themed wedding? A really cheap way to make your tables look incredible is to lay overlapping palm leaves along the table like a runner with a few candles or tea lights dotted throughout. Palm leaves are really affordable and all the greenery will make your wedding reception feel like an oasis. Ask your florist to help you source the leaves.

Image Credit: Magdalena Studios

Sharing Plate Runner

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Who needs wedding centrepieces when your food is the star of the wedding table? If you’re opting for sharing platters when it comes to your catering, then let the food do double duty as table decor too. As wedding ideas go they don’t get much more budget-friendly than this.

Image Credit: Emma B Photography

DIY Wedding Centrepieces

Creative brides and grooms can save a lot of money when it comes to wedding centrepieces if they DIY the details. The good news is that you can make your wedding reception look incredible even if you’re not particularly good at DIY as they’re really easy and fun to create.

Painted Pumpkins

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

If you’re having an autumn wedding, it can look really chic and seasonal to have pumpkins as your table centrepieces. Don’t just keep the pumpkins in their natural state though. Have fun painting them to match your wedding theme. You could turn them into lanterns too for a really romantic wedding reception.

Image Credit: Casa de Perrin

Wine Cork Vases

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Drink a lot of wine? Then save the corks (or ask friends and family to) and you can make them into unique and quirky vases that add a little French flair to your wedding. This is an easy DIY project but may take some time if you’re having a large wedding. To make this centrepiece you simply glue the corks in the formation you desire and then slip a glass vase full of flowers inside.

Spray Painted Coffee Beans In A Vase

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Another way to make a cheap glass vase look a lot more stylish is to spray paint some coffee beans to form a base that looks like chic pebbles. Again, this is a really easy DIY project to create.

You just spray paint the beans inside a cardboard box and allow to dry before tipping them into your vases. Fill about half way and then top with candles, greenery, succulents, plants, roses or other florals for decor you can be proud to say you made yourself.

Paper Flowers

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

If you want floral arrangements but don’t have the budget for real flowers or want to create something a little more unique, then you’ll want to consider paper flowers.

If you’re skilled enough at DIY your paper flowers can look so realistic that your guests won’t realise they’re not real flowers until they’re sat at the wedding tables. Display your flowers in vases or as a continuous runner if you have enough.

Image Credit: Posie Flowers

Sand Art Vase

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Show off your colour palette at each wedding table with this fun and easy DIY project. All you need is some glass jars and sand. Dye the sand to match your wedding colours and then pour them in layers into the glass jars. Top with candles, greenery or floral decor for maximum impact.

Painted Mason Jars

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Buy some chalk paints in your wedding colours and paint mason jars. These can then be filled with wild looking flowers for lovely rustic and cheap wedding decorations. If you’re not keen on too much DIY, this is the ideal project as it’s so quick and easy to do.

Egg Vases

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Who would have thought the humble egg and egg box could be turned into something so pretty. This rustic DIY project is so affordable, but looks amazing and your guests will be very impressed at your creative skills and imagination.

Turn egg shells into tiny bud vases by emptying out the eggs (washing thoroughly) and then filling with flower heads and greenery. Then simply display in egg boxes.

Image Credit: The Merry Thought

Glitter Wine Bottles With Candles Or Flowers

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Save all the wine bottles from your engagement celebrations and use them as cheap DIY wedding centerpieces. Choose glitter to match your wedding theme and then glue and roll your bottles in it or simply spray paint in a metallic colour. Different heights and textured bottles filled with single stem flowers or candles look amazing as wedding centerpieces.

Paper Pomanders

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

If you’re a whizz at DIY then you could give these fabulous paper pomander centrepieces a go as an affordable alternative to real flowers. Display them at different heights on a tray or wood slice for a more rustic look. Choose natural flower colours like pink and yellow to make them look real rather than too faux.

Ostrich Feathers In Vases

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

These centrepieces are guaranteed to add some drama to your reception tables. Buy ostrich feathers and spray paint the fronds in your wedding colours or leave them plain and then display in really tall vases (ask your florist if you can hire these).

Balloon Table Runner

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Use this party staple to create the wow factor at your wedding on a budget. All you need is a lot of colourful balloons and puff (you’ll want to use an inflator for this!).

Simply blow up all the balloons and then tie them along a piece of string that you can lay across the centre of long tables. Intersperse with fresh blooms, plants and greenery.

Our top style tip is to make sure the balloons are all varying sizes to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

Musical Mason Jars

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Are you both music lovers? Take some of your favourite sheet music and use it to decorate mason jars. Then pop fresh blooms inside and you’ll have some personalised, DIY and budget-friendly floral centrepieces.

Lego Bowl Centrepiece

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

Worried your guests might get bored during the reception? Then give them something eye catching to play with instead of a traditional centrepiece.

We love the idea of filling a bowl with lego pieces, as not only does it provide a huge amount of colour to your tables but will be a fabulous talking point for your guests. Pair with floral arrangements to soften the look.

Image Credit: Gemma Clarke

Scrabble Board Centrepieces

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

You could use any board games as centrepieces really (and your guests will love to play them if they have time!), but Scrabble works particularly well as you can use the tiles to spell out the table name or a message to your guests. Place a floral arrangement in the middle to make it look wedding ready.

Painted Logs

Budget Wedding Centrepieces

We’ve all seen lovely log slices with candles or flowers on top used as wedding centrepieces, but how about using logs in a completely different and stand out way?

Stack up some logs and then paint the rings on either end in a multitude of colours and before you know it you’ve got a cool and fabulous table decoration.

Ask your florist to dot some wild blooms in between the logs if you want to elevate the look. This centrepiece would work particularly well at a rustic wedding.


Written by

Hollie Bond

Hollie is a lifestyle journalist with over ten years’ experience working in the wedding industry as Lifestyle Editor for You & Your Wedding magazine Also a Regional Editor for Muddy Stilettos, Hollie has written for Square Meal magazine, Family History Monthly, BBC History magazine and Homes & Antiques. In her spare time you can find Hollie in a dance studio practising ballet…

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