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30 Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples

Author: Gracie Pritchard

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Planning a wedding can be expensive, trust us we know! And lots of people like to stick to a budget when it comes to the nitty and gritty. However, we also know how easy it is to get carried away and spend more money than was first proposed. That’s ok, we’ve got your back!

A great way to save money is to create your own wedding favours for your gorgeous guests. Who doesn’t love a little bit of DIY! Some couples on a budget opt-out of wedding favours altogether – and that’s ok too. But, if handing out favours is on your list and you’re not sure what to do, we’ve put together our favourite DIY wedding favours – perfect for frugal couples!

1. Personalised Cake Pops

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Cake Pops 1

Edible wedding favours are always a great DIY wedding project, and cake pops are ridiculously easy to make! Either make your own cake mix from scratch or buy a boxed cake mix (they’re just as delicious) and pop them in the oven. After you’ve let them cool, crumble the cake and add a buttercream of your choice (homemade or pre-packaged it’s up to you), then mix until the mixture is a dough-like consistency – almost like cookie dough!

At this point, be as creative as you’d like! Dip your cake pops in coloured chocolate that fits your wedding colour scheme. Or roll them in sprinkles and go crazy with the sugar decorations – the world is your oyster. And we guarantee they’ll go down an absolute treat on the big day!

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2. 'Lucky In Love' Scratch Cards

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Scratch Card 2

Cheap and cheerful, scratch cards are a fantastic DIY alternative for couples looking to treat their guests on a budget. And if you’re busy planning your big day, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t take to much time to put these favours together! It’s really as easy as popping to your local shop and buying each of your guests (of age) a scratch card of their own. Pop them into a tiny envelope, a mini gift bag, or simply place them according to your seating arrangement – so easy but so entertaining!

And what’s even better is that you can buy them from sites such as Etsy for a great price if you don’t have the time to do them yourself!

3. Personalised Wedding Soundtrack CD's

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Wedding CD 3

We’re sure your guests will love these personalised wedding mixtapes to remember your big day! Many people agree that the best wedding favours are either edible or something that you can use more than once. And we’re sure your guests won’t be able to stop using this fantastic DIY wedding favours idea!

Add your favourite songs to the CD, with your first dance song to start of course, and your guests will be able to boogie all they want from the comfort of their own homes. You can buy CD’s in bulk and burn them yourself at home – the case you put them in is up to you, don’t be afraid to be creative. What an amazing idea, save one for us!

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4. Homemade Bath Bombs

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Bath Bomb 4

Definitely an idea for more creative couples, but fun nonetheless, and we’re sure your guests won’t be able to get enough of them! If you don’t feel confident enough to make them from scratch, you can buy your own bath bombs kits to make it easier for you and your partner. Although it may be cheaper to make them from scratch as the ingredients needed are inexpensive!

Again, don’t be afraid to be creative with this idea! Add glitter, colours and your favourite scents to make them personal to your big day – we can’t think of a better way to take a bath!

5. 'Choose Your Own Cookies' Station

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Cookie Station 5

Need we explain why this DIY wedding favour will go down a TREAT with your nearest and dearest! Such a fantastic way to treat the guests attending your big day, as it caters to everyone’s personal taste. Some people like chocolate chip, some people like orange chocolate – and a ‘choose your own cookie’ station is the best way to make sure everyone is happy!

We can’t imagine your guests will forget their wedding favours anytime soon. And the greatest thing about it is how cost-effective this idea is! Whether you bake your own cookies or buy them from your favourite shop (keep in mind that baking your own from scratch will probably be a bit cheaper), you won’t be breaking the bank with this wedding favour. Sounds pretty tasty if you ask us!

6. Homemade Seed Packets

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Seed Packets 6

To represent the love that grows between you and your partner, providing your guests with their own homemade seed packets with your favourite plants is a cheap and romantic wedding favour, perfect for couples looking to save some cash! Use the seeds of flowers from your bridal bouquet or just a plant that you best represents your marriage – they’ll be stunning either way.

Just seems like the perfect wedding favour for a couple on a budget, and especially if you are considering an eco-friendly wedding!

7. Wine Stopper Stamps

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Wine Stamp 7

If you’re a fan of arts and crafts, you’ll absolutely love this wine stopper stamp hack, it’s one of our favourites! Either buy your own in bulk or enjoy a tipple or two (or ten) and save all of the corks from the bottles. Clean them up, and carve personalised designs into the softer part of the cork. It’s as simple as that. Your guests can then use the corks as stamps, long after your big day!

And what’s so lovely about this hack is having the ability to hand design every cork, so no one cork is the same and everyone gets their own personal wine stopper stamp to take home with them!

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8. Personalised Chocolate Bars

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Chocolate Bar 8

Another delicious edible wedding favour that will go down a treat with the guests attending your wedding, try making these tasty homemade chocolate bars. Creativity is key with this one. And if you’re feeling extra crafty, you can specially personalise all of the bars to suit the guest you’re giving them to! Add their name, use different colours, mix in some yummy extras for texture or just keep it neat and simple – it’s up to you really!

9. Coffee Bean Pots

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Coffee Beans 9

To add a personal touch to your wedding party, provide your guests with little jars/pots of you and your partners favourite coffee for them to take home (they’ll just need that pick me up). And if they’re not coffee drinkers, they could still use the beans to cook or bake tasty food at home – so we think it’s a fantastic favour idea. You could also use this idea but with tea instead, providing guests with tubes full of loose tea leaves or singular tea bags wrapped up all pretty

10. 'Mint To Be' Mint DIY Wedding Favors

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Mint To Be 10

Keep your guests smelling minty fresh with this non-traditional wedding favor idea! After a heavy dinner, it’s always nice to treat yourself to a small palette cleanser. So we think this is a fantastic little wedding favour to gift your friends and family at your wedding reception. You don’t even need little tins (although you can buy them for bulk on sites like Etsy if need be). You can create small packages out of pieces of card or paper, with personalised designs and pop the mints of your choice inside.

Nothing too extravagant, but we can guarantee you won’t have many packets left behind as the night draws to an end!

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11. A Piece Of Wedding Cake

Unique and Different Wedding Ideas

The ultimate DIY wedding favour to help you save some coins. And one that all of your guests will be more than happy with! Rather than buying and making a cake for your guests, it would only make sense to gift them a piece of your own. Of course depending on how big your wedding cake is. Most couples try a piece themselves and then take some home to freeze for memories (usually the decorative pieces), so by theory, you should more than enough to go around, and then your beautiful cake won’t go to waste either!

12. 'Happy Tears' Tissue Packet

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Happy Tears 11

Your friends and family will thank you for this one. We’ve all been to a wedding at some point in our lives and we know it can be a very emotional day. And with photography and videography galore, the last thing you want is runny mascara and blotchy noses! So these ‘happy tears’ tissue packets will come in handy both during the ceremony and the wedding party. Give your guests a helping hand on your special day and be that ‘shoulder to cry on’, even if you don’t have a shoulder to spare!

13. Mini Personalised Candles

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Mini Candles 12

On such a romantic day, give your guests their own mini personalised candle to take home with them and light with love. And you’ll be surprised to know that they’re actually really easy to make too! All you’ll need is your soy wax to melt and some wicks (which you can buy online in bulk really cheap) and then any colours and scents you would like to add. Plus some little extra decorative bits if you’re feeling really creative.

Pour the candle wax into a container of your choice, whether that be small tins, a mason jar or tea light moulds and add your wicks for the finishing touch (remember to let the candles cool before trimming the wicks). Who doesn’t love handmade goods from their loved ones?

14. 'His and Her' Mini Spirit Bottles

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Mini Spirits 13

If you’re a fan of a cheeky tipple every now and again, but you’re planning on a budget, then this might just be the wedding favour idea of your dreams! And we can guarantee none of your wedding guests will turn these down (unless their underage of course). Buy a few bottles of each of your favourite spirits and fill small bottles (glass or plastic) with them both, you should have enough to go around. Of course, you can leave them as they are, or you can mark them with personalised labels – stating which is ‘hers’ and which is ‘his’ favourite.

15. Homemade Jam

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Jam Jars 14

One for the cooking fans, there’s nothing better than homemade jam to spread on your toast the morning after an amazing wedding reception! Make up a big batch of your favourite flavour jam or marmalade and fill small glass jars for your wedding guests to enjoy during and after your special day. You can even make a couple of flavours for a bit of differentiation if you have the time. And you’ll be happy to know that jam is quite easy to make if it isn’t something you’ve tried before. We’ll take a jar please!

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16. Wedding Favour Coasters

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Wedding Coasters 15

Your guests will love these DIY coasters on your wedding day! Use card (laminate if you can to save them from getting ruined) and design each one to fit the style of your special day – markers, pens and paint at the ready for this one! Lots of craft stores sell coloured cardboard and similar materials (soft plastics etc.) if cardboard coasters aren’t your cup of tea. These favours will go down a treat as they’re cheap and easy to make but add a lovely, personal touch to the reception!

17. 'His and Her' Favourite Cocktail Kits

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Cocktail Kit 16

Another fantastic favour for a couple who like a drink, these cocktail kits will be a hit with your friends and family on your special day. Simply buy small cans of your favourite mixers and tie small bottles of your favourite spirits/alcohol to them. Guests can take a sip of their mixer then pour the spirit into the can, or you can provide cups for them to mix the drinks in -it’s up to you really!

It’s a great way to ensure that all of your guests receive a drink they’ll enjoy and is a cheap alternative to a glass of bubbly on entry or dinner wine if you’re worrying about ordering them and staying within your budget!

18. Homemade Confetti Cones

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Confetti Cones 17

Making your own confetti is actually really fun, and the materials that you can use to do so vary massively, so be as creative as you’d like! From dried flowers and leaves to ribbon and cotton, all you’ll need is a hole punch and a little bit of patience for this DIY hack. Or for a more rustic feel with dried plants and flowers, crumble them with your hands!

Depending on how you want to display the confetti and how you want your guests to use it, there are lots of ways you can make sure all your guests have confetti to throw. Some people opt for small handmade cones made from old newspaper or card, some use a large bucket and ask guests to take a handful before the confetti moment, it’s all down to your aesthetic and what fits within your theme.

19. Birdseed Hearts

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Birdseed Hearts 18

Another amazing DIY idea for a couple with a green thumb, especially for the bird watchers – these birdseed hearts are to die for. And such a sweet representation of your marriage too! Using left over birdseed (don’t worry if you don’t have any leftover, you can buy it cheap instore), bind together with a teaspoon of honey and an egg white, you can even add chunks of dried fruit and larger nuts for a thicker consistency. Spread it out onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cut heart shapes from the mixture. Before allowing to dry out, remember to poke a hole in the top with a chopstick or straw so your guests can hang them where they please. And it’s as easy as that!

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20. 'His and Her' Favourite Sweet Bags

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Sweet Bags 19

One for the kids (and the adults, let’s be real), these ‘his and her’ favourite sweet bags are guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your guests! Fill small bags, paper or material – whatever fits your theme really, with your favourite sweets and pop them on a sweet table or place them on every seat for your nearest and dearest to enjoy. We recommend going to a pound/euro/dollar shop and buying small bags of sweets in bulk to fill the bags with!

21. Kid's Colouring Books

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Colouring Book 20

Anyone that’s planned or been to a wedding knows how lovely it is to have kids there, but also how hard it is to keep them entertained during the more serious moments! Nothing worse than a little baby toddling around during the wedding speeches. So, to keep all the children at your wedding pre-occupied, small colouring books and crayons are always a fantastic option. Some couples even decorate a table at the reception specifically for the kids to all bunch together and have fun away from the adults!

Or Buy Them Here

22. Personalised Lip Balm

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Lip Balm 21

Making lip balms for your guests may sound daunting, but we promise it isn’t as bad as it seems! Although, it will take a bit more time than some of the other DIY ideas in this list, it’s well worth it. The main ingredient you’ll need for the lip balm is beeswax (measurements depending on the container you wish to fill). After melting your lip wax, you can keep it simple and add your colouring and essential oils. Or, you add coconut oil and cocoa butter for each moisturisation – and it’s a simple as that. Melt them all together, pour into your containers and allow to cool and harden completely!

23. Mini Hand Soaps

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Hand Soap 22

Hand soaps are always a useful wedding favour to hand out to your guests, and they’re especially relevant now due to recent unfortunate circumstances (*cough, cough* the pandemic *cough, cough*)! So we think mini hand soaps are the perfect DIY alternative for your special day. Much like the lip balm hack, the ingredients for soap are simple – water, lye and some kind of oil (depending on what property you want your soap to have). Mix the lye with water (be careful when handling the lye), then blend the lye mixture with an oil of your choice, we recommend shea butter for soft skin! Remember to leave ample time before the big day as the soap will need time to cure – but the world is your oyster – decorate and scent your soap until you’re happy with the final product!

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24. Scrabble Wedding Magnets

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Scrabble Magnets 23

If you’re a fan of board games, you’ll love this fantastic DIY idea. Buy or use scrabble pieces to make wedding related words (Love You, Wedding etc.) and super glue magnets to the back so your guests can stick them up where they please! We recommend searching your local charity shops for old scrabble games for great prices, but you can get them online if need be. Something so quick and easy but so creative and such a fun concept – we’re obsessed!

25. Ribbon Roses

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Ribbon Roses 24

DIY beginners may struggle with this one (not everyone will, so don’t be put off), as it does take some skill to get these right. But once you’ve got it down, you’ll be making roses by the dozen! We recommend watching a few tutorials beforehand but for the DIY project you’ll need pins, super glue and a ribbon/material of your choice. Start from the middle of the rose and wrap them outwards, gluing as you go, to create small rosettes to give to each of your guests. You can even attach some clips or pins to them so guests can wear them like badges!

26. Chocolate Covered Oreos

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Oreos 25

A tasty treat perfect for a wedding day! Buying Oreos in bulk is massively inexpensive and the world is your oyster when it comes to decorating them for the big day! Plus, who doesn’t love an Oreo? We recommend freezing your Oreos before dipping and decorating them to ensure they keep their shape. But be as creative as you’d like with this DIY hack – colour your chocolate and dip the Oreos, cover in sprinkles and sweets, or create mini bride and groom Oreos and give your guests two in a box. Yummy!

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27. Tea Samples

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Tea Sample 26

Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea! Especially after a heavy night of drinking, a nice, hot beverage always does the trick. Fill small tubes with your favourite loose leaf tea or gift your guests tiny bags with single sachets. Such a lovely cost effective idea that adds a really personal touch to the gift your guests go home with!

28. Lace Tambourines

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Lace Tambourines 27

The true definition of DIY – you couldn’t be anymore creative with this hack! One for the music lovers so your guests can play along with the music. Pop a few handmade lace tambourines on the tables for your nearest and dearest to play with! You’ll need pieces of cardboard that you can mould into small circles, mini bells and coloured lace of your choice to glue to the top and base. Such a fun way to add a musical touch to your special day and to allow your guests to get involved too!


29. Homemade Spice Jars

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Spice 28

Add a little bit of spice to your big day with these homemade spice jar wedding favours! It’s an edible favour that lasts and we’re sure your guests will love taking them home and adding them to their dishes. Do your research and mix together you and your partners favourites herbs and spices – it can be made for sweet or savoury food and pop them into spice shakers (or little bags), which can be placed behind every seat for your guests to enjoy!

Or Buy Them Here

30. Personalised Cardboard Keychains

Easy DIY Wedding Favours for Frugal Couples Keychains 29

Something for your guests to take as a way to remember your big day every time they use their keys. Which for many, is everyday – and it’s such an affordable hack too! Using pieces of cardboard, cut out keychain sized shapes of your choice and decorate for each guest. You can make them identical or you can personalise them for each guest, it’s completely up to you. Either way, we think they’re fantastic keepsakes for you and your nearest and dearest!


Written by

Gracie Pritchard

Gracie is our Marketing Assistant. She recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University, studying BA Broadcast Journalism and is passionate about anything and everything to do with writing! In her spare time, Gracie enjoys creating playlists, eating good food, drinking cocktails, and spending time with her favourite people; her family and friends.

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