7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Published date: 9th August 2020 | Author: Carrie O’Donnell

Traditionally, the 7th anniversary gifts are copper and wool and the modern alternative are desk sets, so plenty to inspire you when searching for the perfect 7th wedding anniversary gifts. The gift of wool represents the comfort, durability, security, and warmth that couples married this long give one another.

We have compiled 20 of our favourite 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas to help inspire you when choosing the perfect gift for your partner with both the traditional and modern themes to help you celebrate seven years together.

Traditional Copper and Wool Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. Copper Bowl

7th anniversary gift ideas

£34.99, JRR Artsist Blacksmith

This beautiful bowl is great if your partner has lots of rings and small pieces of jewellery but nowhere to keep them. It can also be personalised with a message or your wedding date as reminder.

2. Hot Chocolate Machine

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

£99.95, Hotel Chocolat

This is the ultimate gift for chocolate lovers; imagine your very own in-home hot chocolate machine! This is ideal for your 7th wedding anniversary gift too as it’s the copper version.

3. Copper in the Clouds Mango & Black Pepper Gin

7th anniversary gift ideas

£39.50, Master of Malt

Okay, so this gift idea is more of a play on words! It is made by macerating fresh mango in the spirit for three days, followed by a 24 hour maceration with four different types of black pepper.

4. Photo Frame

7th anniversary gift ideas

From £13, Heal’s

This simple but elegant photo frame is a beautiful 7th anniversary gift and combined with your favourite wedding photo, or family photo, makes a lovely keepsake.

5. Copper Lily Sculpture

7th anniversary gift ideas

£29.95, London Garden Trading

A sculpture is a great way to bring art and interest to outside spaces, and this handmade lily sculpture is a fantastic traditional gift idea.

6. Giant Knitted Wool Blanket

7th anniversary gift ideas

From £64.99, Wool Couture Company

These giant knitted wool throws are the perfect accessory to add warmth and style to your room and is a great 7th anniversary gift. Imagine you and your partner snuggled up under this beautiful throw on a cold winters evening, how romantic!

7. Recycled Copper Necklace

7th anniversary gift ideas

£17, Jewel Street

This necklace has been handcrafted using recycled copper and is a gorgeous gift for your 7th wedding anniversary.

8. Copper Soundwave Print

7th anniversary gift ideas

£27.56, Artsy Voiceprint

These soundwave prints can be personalised with either a voice message or your favourite song, so you could choose one of the songs from your wedding day.

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9. Copper Cu Men’s Fragrance

7th anniversary gift ideas

£40, Ted Baker

A fragrance is a great gift for your partner and this Copper Cu fragrance by Ted Baker will have your man smelling gorgeous!

10. Copper Bottle – Hammered

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

£30, Green Tulip

This luxurious, handmade tamra jal water bottle is made from pure, food grade copper and features a stylish, hammered finish. This sustainable gift has added health benefits and also reduces harmful plastic waste and can be reused.

11. Recycled Wool Cushions

7th anniversary gift ideas

£25, Green Tulip

Enhance your living space with some ethical, recycled wool cushions. These have been made in India using recycled unwanted clothing which has been collected through recycling programmes around the world.

12. Copper Rose

7th anniversary gift ideas

£40, SEVEN by Aunty G

This handmade copper rose is a truly romantic and timeless 7th wedding anniversary gift for your partner, and this everlasting rose will never fade or wilt.

13. Copper Pan Set

7th anniversary gift ideas

£45.99, Wayfair

If your partner is a dab hand in the kitchen, or maybe they just like to think they’re the next Gordon Ramsey, then this non-stick pan set is an ideal gift for your 7th anniversary! Sit back, and enjoy a glass of your favourite drink while they cook you up a storm in the kitchen!

14. Wall Clock

7th anniversary gift ideas

£43.50, Maisons Du Monde

This gorgeous wall clock would be a real statement piece and bring your home to life.

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15. Black Pendant with Three Copper Diablo Shades

7th anniversary gift ideas

£55, Iconic Lights

If you’re looking for a traditional 7th anniversary gift with a twist then these light shades are perfect and will create a gorgeous vintage look.

Modern Desk Wedding Anniversary Gifts

16. Recycled Circuit Board Pen Pot

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

£11.99, Shared Earth

This pen pot is made from recycled circuit boards and is not only a modern gift but also ethical.

17. Desk Organiser

7th anniversary gift ideas

£29.95, Nkuku

This antique black metal and glass desk organiser is a stylish and practical 7th anniversary gift for your partner to keep their desk organised.

18. Solid Oak Desk

7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

£424.99, Oak Furnitureland

We know this isn’t a desk set, however if your partner doesn’t have a desk then they’re going to need one before you can buy anything else, and this solid oak desk is not only practical but also decorative.

19. Brass & Wood Desk Accessories Set

7th anniversary gift ideas

£58, Dibor

This desk set includes a magnifying glass, letter knife and bottle opener, making this the perfect modern 7th anniversary gift for your partner.

20. Personalised Leather Desk Set

7th anniversary gift ideas

£139, Ginger Rose

This leather desk set is a stylish 7th wedding anniversary gift for your partner and has a classic yet contemporary feel. It can also be personalised, making it a truly unique gift.

We love all the gifts above and we hope it’s inspired you and given you some creative ideas for choosing your 7th wedding anniversary gifts! Read our eighth wedding anniversary gift ideas.


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