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20 of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Author: Hollie Bond

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

From calligraphy sets to plane tickets, these inspired paper anniversary gifts will go down a treat

Wow, where did that year go? It probably feels like minutes ago that you were walking down the aisle and saying your “I dos”, and now here you are thinking about what to buy your husband or wife for their first anniversary gift.

The first anniversary is a big deal and it marks the start of how you’ll celebrate all your anniversaries to come, so you’ll want to nail it. It’s also a chance to reminisce and think back to your wonderful wedding day, so you’ll probably want to mark the occasion with something that’s more romantic than practical (save that for when you’ve been married for years!).

To make your very first anniversary special and meaningful, you don’t have to blow the budget. In fact, after paying for a wedding and honeymoon so recently, you’ll be relieved to hear that the traditional way to mark this anniversary is with a gift of nice affordable paper!

Paper might sound a bit odd for such a momentous occasion, but it has a really lovely symbolism. As this is your first year as a married couple, you’re starting off with a blank sheet that you can fill in however you decide. In short, you have a whole future to map out together on this blank piece of paper. Of course, you don’t have to be literal and just give your partner some actual paper or a simple card. There are a lot of things made out of paper, so you can let your imagination run wild – vouchers, concert tickets, plane tickets, pieces of art…!

No time to come up with a perfect anniversary gift made from paper? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you with our edit of the best first wedding anniversary gifts on the market. There’s something to suit everyone from traditional to modern gifts and even some unique personalised gifts.  We’ve put together 20 of our favourite 1st wedding anniversary gifts that you and your partner will both adore and treasure for many years to come.

The Best Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Book subscription

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts book subscription cropped 1

A lovely anniversary gift for an avid reader is a book subscription. This idea works perfectly for your first wedding anniversary as books are made from paper, plus you’re likely to have plenty of time to get stuck into a good book now there’s no wedding planning to do! You can completely personalise a book subscription too based on your partner’s literary likes so that each and every month they take delivery of an absolute page turner. Bespoke book subscription, from £44.99, Willoughby Book Club

Calligraphy set

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts caligraphy set cropped 2

Perhaps your partner is really arty and loves trying new craft skills? If so, they’ll love getting stuck in learning how to do professional standard calligraphy. You could either book them onto a course or let them learn in their own time at home with a beginner’s calligraphy set. Beginner’s modern calligraphy set, £25, Wild Sea Calligraphy at Not On The High Street

Origami wall clock

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts origami clock cropped 3

This gift covers all bases as the modern gift for your first anniversary is clocks (symbolising the timeless nature of love) and the traditional gift is paper. It’s also a really eye-catching piece for your house and is will be useful for years to come, helping you to keep you both on time for all your future plans together. Origami wall clock, £50, Origamiest

Virgin Experience Day vouchers

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts virgin experience cropped 4

Can’t think of anything your partner needs and want to treat them to an experience instead? Well, the good news is that vouchers for lovely treats like spa days, adrenaline-fuelled activities, posh meals or mini breaks are all made of paper and so definitely work well for your first wedding anniversary. Take look at the many amazing experiences that Virgin offer and pick the perfect one for your loved one. Of course, if you choose something for two, you’ll just have to join your partner on the experience too! Virgin Experience Day Vouchers, from £10.

Plane tickets

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts plane tickets cropped 5

If you’re feeling generous and know your other half loves to travel and discover the world then plane tickets printed on paper could be the perfect gift. Don’t just put the printed out tickets in an envelope though. There are much more romantic and exciting ways to present them. A guide book to the place you’re visiting with the tickets slipped inside works nicely or this fun boarding pass that you have to scratch to reveal the destination is a fun and fabulous way to mark your paper anniversary. Holiday Reveal Boarding Pass, £9.99, Not On The High Street

Origami folded book

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts origami book cropped 6

An origami folded book will look fantastic on your bookshelf and with the added detail of your initials it makes for the perfect gift to celebrate your first anniversary. Origami book, £33, MeiOriginalStudio on Etsy

First edition book

If your partner has a favourite author or book, then buying them a first edition book really is a one-of-a-kind gift. The price for a first edition varies considerably from £25 to £15k, depending on the book you are looking for! First edition books, from £25, John Atkinson Books

Wedding or honeymoon album

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts wedding album cropped 7

If you didn’t get a wedding album put together professionally as part of your wedding photography package then your first anniversary is a brilliant time to create your own (and let’s be honest if you leave it any longer you’ll never get round to it!). Albums are ideal paper wedding anniversary gifts as they work well with the theme and give you a chance to look back on the events of a year ago and give you time to reflect on your wedding date and what a brilliant celebration you had. If you’ve already got a wedding album, but love the idea of this gift, how about putting your honeymoon photos into a smart album for your partner instead? DIY albums, from £19.50, Rosemood Atelier

Framed print

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts framed print cropped 8

Start filling your marital home with beautiful prints and pieces of art. Your first anniversary gift can be made of paper, but also be seriously personal and unique, if you opt for a piece of art. Choose something that you both will adore hanging in your home and that will always remind you of your paper anniversary. Looking for personalised gift inspiration when it comes to art? How about having your vows, wedding dance or love story made into a completely unique print? Wedding first dance song lyrics print, £35, Yours for Keeps at NOTHS

Date night cards

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts date cards cropped 9

These date night cards come with 52 cards that’ll give you a fun and creative weekly date idea for a whole year! A brilliant way to keep the romance alive once you’re married. 52 date night cards, £26.95, Thispaperbook at NOTHS

Personalised mini love letters

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts mini love letters cropped 10

If you just want to remind your partner what they mean to you then this is such an adorable, romantic idea for your first anniversary gift – a box of personalised mini love letters. Why not use each one to let your partner know a different reason why you love them? Personalised love letters, £15.25, Hendog Designs at NOTHS

Paper flower bouquet

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts paper flowers cropped 11

A bouquet of real flowers will only last days, so we love the idea of these sustainable, handmade paper flower bouquets. For extra romance points choose a bespoke option and have your wife’s wedding bouquet replicated in paper flower form. This anniversary gift is a unique and thoughtful idea that she will be able to treasure forever. Paper wedding bouquet, from £190, Petal & Bird

Paper aeroplane cufflinks

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts Cufflinks 12

Think outside the box with these cool paper aeroplane cufflinks that give a cute nod to the theme but will last a lot longer than paper! Paper aeroplane cufflinks, £15, John Lewis

Paper scented candle

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts candle cropped 13

Is your other half a bit of a bookworm? Then treat them to this unique Library scented candle that’ll put them in mind of cosy afternoons spent reading their favourite book. Library no.35 Candle, £38, True Grace

Personalised wedding portrait

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts wedding portrait cropped 14

Ok, so you’ve got your wedding photos, but how about upping the romance ante with a wedding day portrait? Choose an artist that paints in a style you love, whether it’s traditional or something a little more modern, send them your favourite wedding photo, and ask them to create it on canvas for a truly unique and thoughtful modern gift. Wedding portrait, from £44, TheSweetandSavage on Etsy

Personalised stationery

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts stationary cropped 15

This traditional gift is a really good idea for anyone who still enjoys putting pen to paper rather than sending a text! Your partner may have changed his or her name since you got married, so new personalised stationery featuring their new surname will be a fabulous surprise and really make them feel proud of their newly married status. Personalised correspondence cards, from £421, Smythson

Newspaper puzzle

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts newspaper puzzle cropped 16

You could get a newspaper from the day you got married, or you could go one step better and have the news from your wedding date immortalised in jigsaw form as a fun gift for your other half to enjoy. It’ll be a lovely surprise when they put the last piece of the puzzle in, to see the date of your wedding on the front page of a paper. The Times newspaper puzzle, £29.99, Getting Personal

Personalised notebook

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts notebook cropped 17

Is your partner a serial notetaker? Then this personalised notebook will be a brilliant first wedding anniversary gift that they can use every day and think of you while they do so. Fairytale personalised notebook, from £23, Papier

Flower pressing kit

of the Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts flower press cropped 18

Looking for a paper anniversary gift for a craft lover? Flowers might not be made of paper, but a flower pressing kits contains paper to flatten the flowers, so we reckon it could work nicely for your first anniversary. Plus, once your partner has pressed flowers they can use them to decorate cards. For a fabulously romantic gesture, you might want to choose some of her favourite flowers and have them already pressed inside the kit. Flower press, £20, Cotswold Company

Wedding venue print

Your wedding venue will always hold a very special place in your hearts as it’s the place you became a married couple. If it’s not a hotel though, you might not be able to visit it again, so it can be a brilliant idea to have it immortalised in paper for your first anniversary gift with a pretty wedding venue illustration. Wedding venue illustration, £28, Created by Magic


Written by

Hollie Bond

Hollie is a lifestyle journalist with over ten years’ experience working in the wedding industry as Lifestyle Editor for You & Your Wedding magazine Also a Regional Editor for Muddy Stilettos, Hollie has written for Square Meal magazine, Family History Monthly, BBC History magazine and Homes & Antiques. In her spare time you can find Hollie in a dance studio practising ballet…

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