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Marriage Isnít Trivial Ė but Marriage Trivia Is

Along with information and tips we hope to offer surprises and fun. This post fits into the latter area with numbers that could cause a raised (plucked) eyebrow, and some wedding facts to bring a giggle.

First some figures courtesy of the fun-loving people at the Office of National Statistics.
The... more

Weddings for Mature Couples

We all hope our first wedding will be our last, but divorce statistics shows it ainít necessarily so. Bereavement and finding someone new is another route back to the altar. One in three or four weddings then is a second time around for one or both of the happy couple,... more

Entertainment Can Be More than the DJ

Your friend found the greatest dress, had brilliant food, arranged never-to-be-forgotten keepsakes. Then booked a dull DJ who had guests watch-gazing before 8:00. It doesnít have to be like that.

Thereís a world of options to keep your guests (and you) amused through the whole day/evening. Before you... more

Wedding Keepsakes beyond the Photo Album

Beyond the photo album and indeed the video, what helps keep memories of your big day fresh in your minds and maybe in those of your guests too? Not everyone has the wad to follow the lead of Lakshmi Mittal, guests at his daughter Vanishaís wedding (big several days in... more

Snacks and Treats to Cheer Your Guests

Guests give up a lot of time to attend your wedding. Basically they devote a day to you, more if they have to travel, and if theyíre not looked after the hours drag and tummies rumble. The reception fills a pleasant hour and their stomachs, and an evening buffet keeps... more

Diamond Symbol Jewellery, Wedding Perfect!

Inspired by high profile celebrities and the publicís growing interest in ancient and historical motifs or symbols, jewellery brand, Karma London, has just launched its beautiful and unique pieces of symbolic diamond jewellery in the UK.

These exquisite designs play on a mix of various cultures, whilst fusing religious... more

Aristocratic Wedding Style

Given the massive audiences royal weddings generate for TV companies perhaps itís only a matter of time before their executives decide to drop down the social scale slightly (though some would see it otherwise) and broadcast an aristocratic splicing. Until that moment here are some pointers in case youíre invited,... more

Making the Most of Wedding Fairs

Once started on wedding planning you quickly learn you need vast amounts of information. Unless you have unlimited funds youíll be looking for value for money. Unless youíre one of those brides who have been planning the day since primary school, youíll be looking for ideas. A wedding fair, or... more

Kids and Your Honeymoon

Itís something of a modern dilemma: because itís a second (or third...) marriage or long-term relationship for one or both of you, or because you had a child or children together before getting married, should you take the little treasure(s) with you on your honeymoon?
There is no right answer... more

Diets and the Big Day

First something basic. Do you need to diet? He loves you as you are, even if thatís a few pounds over what youíd consider your ideal weight.

Too many women diet to attain a figure thatís simply not right for them and their physiology and genetic makeup, having... more

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