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Invites Beyond the Cellophane-Wrapped Pack

Wedding invitations set the tone and can convey a whole lot more than just the day, time, venue and your names. Some couples use their invites to tell their story, to thank parents, establish a colour- or design-scheme, or express themselves in myriad other ways that the otherwise perfectly functional... more

Paying for Your Wedding

It’s good you’re thinking about how you’re going to pay for your nuptials. Many couples don’t, something that can come back to haunt them. Unless you’re a celebrity, a wedding is going to cost not earn money (Kim Kardashian reportedly received than $2 million+ for her wedding to Kris Humphries,... more

So Seasonal - Touches for Weddings Outside the Wedding Season

Not everybody decides to marry in the wedding season, loosely defined in the UK as June to mid-September. It can be a smart move to schedule yours outside that period – easier to book the best venues (often at better rates), fewer holiday clashes, cheaper honeymoons... But spring, autumn and... more

Grilling the Venue Manager – Questions You Really Should Ask

The wedding venue sector tends to be very professional these days, though occasionally you hear stories that make you wince. But given the choice of a reception venue is right up there with finding the right dress and getting a great photographer, it’s worth doing some homework before you visit... more

If you can’t be sentimental on your wedding day...

Different brides – and couples – have different approaches to the big day. At one extreme it can appear an obstacle to get past; at the other a massive exhibitionist party. Somewhere in-between stand the sentimentalists.

Like this post’s title suggests, if you can’t be sentimental on your... more

The fuller-figured bride

So you’re not a size 0, or even a size 14 maybe. Who cares? Clearly not the person you are about to marry. A lot of women resolve to drop a dress size or two before the big day, but as we explore elsewhere, losing weight should be done over... more

A Gatsby Wedding

The phrase ‘Gatsby Wedding’ is one that regularly turns up in magazines and on websites to indicate something not just from the Twenties, but the Roaring Twenties. The Jazz Age.

To hold a Gatsby Wedding (though the only one we encounter in the story is through oblique... more

Weddings and Charity

Without wishing to be too pious, it’s nice if the happiest day of your life can also bring a little happiness to others less fortunate. And we’re not talking about a gluttonous acquaintance pigging out at the reception.

This is a trend that has been growing in strength... more

It had to happen – the Groomzilla has arrived

The Bridezilla phenomenon has been around since... imagine Stone Age man being told off because he’s pulling his mate’s hair all wrong and that was not the cave destination she wanted. Now it appears that at last the Groomzilla is on the scene.

Except. Look at what... more

It’s a wedding Jim, but not as we know it

Clearly we love weddings, from big budget to the most intimate. But there are limits.

What real weddings have in common, at least in our perhaps narrow world-view, is that there’s a loving (and living) pair involved, or on very rare occasions a couple of couples combining for... more

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