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After the first year of marriage...?

Congratulations if youíve reached, or are approaching, your first wedding anniversary. Weíre betting it has not all been plain sailing!

For a start, after the preparations hectic and otherwise for the wedding, being the undisputed centres of attention for a brief moment, and (if youíre lucky), the idyllic honeymoon, itís... more

The Devilment is in the detail (for the feel-good factor)

As youíre dragged down towards Bridezilla-dom (and donít forget the Groomzillas too), utterly obsessing about table settings and wedding favours, take a deep breath and remind yourself this is meant to celebrate your love, i.e. it should be fun. So here are a few tips on details that may help... more

Surprise the bloke in him on your wedding day

Sad to say itís almost surprising when the groom (to be) has a say in things. Even sadder, quite a few are happy to leave it that way. So itís no wonder that most weddings are, letís face it, a bit girly. Very girly. So weíd like to suggest a... more

Renaissance of the Renaissance Wedding

Among many ideas for Ďthemedí weddings one rarely out of favour is the Medieval or Renaissance bash. How couples go about this varies from full mock-Arthurian productions to a few nice touches incorporated in modern dos.

You donít have to go the full Guinevere to bring some... more

Invites Beyond the Cellophane-Wrapped Pack

Wedding invitations set the tone and can convey a whole lot more than just the day, time, venue and your names. Some couples use their invites to tell their story, to thank parents, establish a colour- or design-scheme, or express themselves in myriad other ways that the otherwise perfectly functional... more

Paying for Your Wedding

Itís good youíre thinking about how youíre going to pay for your nuptials. Many couples donít, something that can come back to haunt them. Unless youíre a celebrity, a wedding is going to cost not earn money (Kim Kardashian reportedly received than $2 million+ for her wedding to Kris Humphries,... more

So Seasonal - Touches for Weddings Outside the Wedding Season

Not everybody decides to marry in the wedding season, loosely defined in the UK as June to mid-September. It can be a smart move to schedule yours outside that period Ė easier to book the best venues (often at better rates), fewer holiday clashes, cheaper honeymoons... But spring, autumn and... more

Grilling the Venue Manager Ė Questions You Really Should Ask

The wedding venue sector tends to be very professional these days, though occasionally you hear stories that make you wince. But given the choice of a reception venue is right up there with finding the right dress and getting a great photographer, itís worth doing some homework before you visit... more

If you canít be sentimental on your wedding day...

Different brides Ė and couples Ė have different approaches to the big day. At one extreme it can appear an obstacle to get past; at the other a massive exhibitionist party. Somewhere in-between stand the sentimentalists.

Like this postís title suggests, if you canít be sentimental on your... more

The fuller-figured bride

So youíre not a size 0, or even a size 14 maybe. Who cares? Clearly not the person you are about to marry. A lot of women resolve to drop a dress size or two before the big day, but as we explore elsewhere, losing weight should be done over... more

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