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Wedding Magazines – Pros and Cons

The first magazine totally devoted to all things bridal was – and what name would you have chosen had you had carte blanche? – Brides, which first appeared in the USA in 1934. In fact related matters appeared as early as 1693 in The Lady’s Mercury, though whether a one-page... more

Weddings on TV – Any Lessons?

You could have an entire television channel dedicated to soap and sitcom episodes featuring weddings (if anyone picks up on that idea, please send a large cheque to this site), and not need to resort to repeats for a very long time. Whenever soaps hit a dip in the ratings... more

Honeymooning on a Sporting Tour – Avoiding Divorce!

With Euro 2016 in full flow we came across the story of newlyweds Stephen and Alison Rodgers from Northern Ireland who, after their country qualified for the tournament (on the day they married) planned to hold their honeymoon following the team in France. Similarly Eoin McCann and his wife Roisin... more

What about a British Beach Wedding?

We’re very used to seeing images of beach weddings overseas, and to hearing about or even attending such events. But as Britain has a vast coastline, with some of the world’s best beaches, isn’t it time more couples started to think about a Great British Beach Wedding?

Undoubtedly the... more

Fusion Weddings – Making the Most of Two Traditions

At the very outset of this post we need to make it clear that no way is this going to be a definitive guide to all the combinations of cultures possible in a wedding, with a neat list of every tradition attaching to each of them. Life is too short,... more

Pirate, Potter, Pagan – Offbeat Energetic Weddings

From previous posts it should be clear that across the whole gamut of wedding possibilities we tend to prefer the more traditional, but, wanting to have our wedding cake and eat it, if they are too text book, too by-the-numbers, too bereft of imagination, they can be just too... well,... more

The Fine Art Wedding

You’ll come across the label ‘Fine Art Wedding’ quite a lot in wedding magazines, and especially in stuff by or about photographers. Indeed the term is most easily understood in relation to photography, though we feel there is a style of wedding that can be dubbed ‘fine art.’

Perhaps... more

Is there an engagement season?

We’re all pretty much aware that there is such a thing as ‘wedding season,’ the period that stretches from May to the end of August, or if you believe some people, the first week or so of September, when the best wedding venues are booked solid. But if you keep... more

Filming the Proposal

To be honest, we’re not entirely sure where we stand on what has become something of a trend over the last few years – though it’s a niche trend, if such a thing is possible. A lot of guys (and so far we’ve not come across any girls doing it)... more

Wedding Dates to Avoid?

You planned every detail except one. The food is perfect, the room looks fabulous. But you can’t help but notice that a lot of the tables are half empty. There were a few last minute call-offs, and since the celebrations started many of the guests have been camped in the... more

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