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The Full Scottish - Weddings North of the Border

Though every culture has its own wedding traditions, Scotland can boast more than most. Sadly some of the more interesting ones have died out, or nearly so at least. English readers will perhaps be surprised at how different certain Scottish wedding customs are to those South of the Border.

Perhaps the... more

The Essentially English Wedding

While we at FBFW enjoy weddings that incorporate new cultural influences, clever innovations, and the creative, we do dearly love a traditional English wedding. When we actually tried to define what goes into making one, however, it proved difficult, and we accept our conclusions may differ from yours.

First... more

The Ethical Wedding

Though it’s still far from mainstream, we’ve noticed a very discernible trend over the last five or even ten years of couples being very concerned to make their big day what could broadly be described as ethical. There’s a lot of crossover with the concept of green weddings that we... more

The Vegan Wedding

Planning any wedding has its challenges; planning a vegan wedding is bound to have more. But it’s your lifestyle choice, and your day. Actually it is the day for two of you (and we don’t mean the bride and her mother), but let’s assume that both are in agreement about... more

The Rehearsal Dinner – Coming to the UK?

The rehearsal dinner, like trick-or-treating, is an American fad that will of course never happen here in the UK. Oh. Supermarkets now sell as much chocolate at Halloween as at Easter, and restaurants in the capital (and the rest of the country shortly) already cater for rehearsal dinners, and not... more

Wedding Magazines – Pros and Cons

The first magazine totally devoted to all things bridal was – and what name would you have chosen had you had carte blanche? – Brides, which first appeared in the USA in 1934. In fact related matters appeared as early as 1693 in The Lady’s Mercury, though whether a one-page... more

Weddings on TV – Any Lessons?

You could have an entire television channel dedicated to soap and sitcom episodes featuring weddings (if anyone picks up on that idea, please send a large cheque to this site), and not need to resort to repeats for a very long time. Whenever soaps hit a dip in the ratings... more

Honeymooning on a Sporting Tour – Avoiding Divorce!

With Euro 2016 in full flow we came across the story of newlyweds Stephen and Alison Rodgers from Northern Ireland who, after their country qualified for the tournament (on the day they married) planned to hold their honeymoon following the team in France. Similarly Eoin McCann and his wife Roisin... more

What about a British Beach Wedding?

We’re very used to seeing images of beach weddings overseas, and to hearing about or even attending such events. But as Britain has a vast coastline, with some of the world’s best beaches, isn’t it time more couples started to think about a Great British Beach Wedding?

Undoubtedly the... more

Fusion Weddings – Making the Most of Two Traditions

At the very outset of this post we need to make it clear that no way is this going to be a definitive guide to all the combinations of cultures possible in a wedding, with a neat list of every tradition attaching to each of them. Life is too short,... more

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