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How to Deal With Anxiety on Your Wedding Day

Itís normal to suffer anxiety on your wedding day. Not only are you make a huge life change, youíre also spending the day in the spotlight. This is your day and itís all about you.

It should be the happiest day of your life, so it would be a shame if... more

Bridesmaids Dresses Ė Rules and Tips

The appalling nature of some bridesmaidsí dresses has almost become a wedding movie clichť, and for good reason: you can Google up a host of crimes against fashion, style and comfort without really trying. We hope a few tips and cautionary tales helps you avoid inflicting shame on your friends,... more

Hold That Pose Ė or Forget It

Some couples seem to feel the need to turn their wedding into a show. Theyíre not content with the day being special in itself, and surely by its nature memorable, so they seek out ways to make a dramatic mark. It can work. But sometimes it doesnít, and one of... more

Pets at Weddings

Not so long ago pets never played any part in a wedding, but nowadays if not common itís not exactly rare either. What seems like a simple idea, however, has plenty of pitfalls and really should be thought through, and most owners will decide that a kennel, cattery or pet-sitter... more

A Cocktail to Capture the Mood

Itís something seen at weddings more and more frequently: a signature cocktail that makes a little statement about the two of you, or the day in general. Whether itís served when guests arrive at the reception venue, or is the drink used for the first toast, a well-made cocktail brings... more

Weddings over Water

Many of us feel instinctively that there is something magical about water, and as your wedding day should be full of magic itís no bad thing to tap into that special energy, or atmosphere or connection with nature, or whatever else it is that proximity to water brings. There are... more

Wedding Gifts Today and Yesterday

Over the last 30 years or so much has changed in the way we get married in Britain. Itís not just religious buildings and registry offices anymore, so many places now have licences to celebrate weddings. It used to be the bride in white or cream, and the groom in... more

The Full Scottish - Weddings North of the Border

Though every culture has its own wedding traditions, Scotland can boast more than most. Sadly some of the more interesting ones have died out, or nearly so at least. English readers will perhaps be surprised at how different certain Scottish wedding customs are to those South of the Border.

The Essentially English Wedding

While we at FBFW enjoy weddings that incorporate new cultural influences, clever innovations, and the creative, we do dearly love a traditional English wedding. When we actually tried to define what goes into making one, however, it proved difficult, and we accept our conclusions may differ from yours.

First... more

The Ethical Wedding

Though itís still far from mainstream, weíve noticed a very discernible trend over the last five or even ten years of couples being very concerned to make their big day what could broadly be described as ethical. Thereís a lot of crossover with the concept of green weddings that we... more

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