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The Great British Marquee Wedding

Ask a Hollywood director what a British wedding entails and we’re pretty sure that the description would include firstly a building of some antiquity; second, outside it a magnificent lawn (not to boast, but we do them better than anyone else); third a vast white marquee upon the greensward. If... more

Humour is Precious at Weddings

The best speech I ever heard at a wedding was filled with humour. The worst speech I ever heard at a wedding was supposed to be filled with humour. The difference between them was that one guy had funny bones/it/timing, the other didn’t. He died on his rear end and... more

The Wedding Meal

Is it a wedding breakfast, simply a wedding meal, ‘the reception’ or even a wedding feast? Different people have different ideas, producing at times a recipe as it were for dissention if the views of various parties do not coincide.

Given you are celebrating your wedding, however, it... more

Valentine’s Day Proposals

Romance has little logic at times, and the reasons for St Valentine’s Day being accepted as particularly romantic – the most romantic day in the calendar indeed – are far from straightforward. Martyrdom is involved, as are Chaucer, death row messages and officiating at forbidden marriages, all there in a... more

Happy First Anniversary

Like it or not the way couples celebrate their first anniversary sets a standard. An acquaintance, though reminded to do so, refused to buy flowers on the basis his wife would expect it thereafter. They are no longer married. We’re not suggesting that every anniversary should be a big production,... more

Ushers – Vital but Overlooked

We’ve heard ushers described, rather disparagingly, as wedding traffic wardens. It actually fits quite nicely, given they keep traffic moving in the church and afterwards, make sure people park themselves in the right places ditto, and rarely get a word of praise for doing a necessary job.

There’s... more

A Spring Wedding

Spring is the time of new beginnings, so marrying then seems particularly appropriate. Strangely, however, the majority of couples still opt for the Summer do – though May is claimed for both seasons. All the better for those choosing to tie the knot between March and May, as the best... more

The Photographer’s Tale

When you are panicking about the first dance, spare a thought for the photographer. You will have your new husband to lean on. The snapper has to look calm while at the back of the brain is the inescapably awful thought – what if it goes all wrong? There is... more

New Year’s Eve Weddings – That’s a Party Then

Not every wedding takes place in summer. Winter weddings, covered elsewhere in this section, can be pretty special. A New Year’s Eve wedding takes it several steps further.
First some practicalities have to be mentioned – then we get to the good stuff.

As you’ll maybe have noticed,... more

Waste Not Want Not – Re-Use Wedding Stuff

There are ways to have a very cheap wedding, but most big days end up costing a pretty penny. Thus getting some further value from wedding gear has got to be worth a moment’s reflection. For Better For Worse can kick-start the process with a few ideas, not all of... more

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