13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Published date: 9th August 2020 | Author: Carrie O’Donnell

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Congratulations on reaching thirteen years of married life. Some consider the number 13 unlucky; however we don’t think there is anything unlucky about reaching your 13th wedding anniversary! Whether you decide to go for a traditional or modern gift, we have sourced some amazing gift ideas for you.

Traditionally speaking, the material that symbolises the 13 year wedding anniversary is lace. It represents intricate beauty and requires special care, just like a relationship after 13 years together. If you want to go for the modern alternative, then this is textiles and fur – obviously faux fur only! Whichever you decide to go for, we are sure that you will find something that your partner will love in our 13th wedding anniversary gift guide.

Traditional Lace Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1. Lace Detail Blush & Rose Gold Watch

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£79, Olivia Burton

This elegant watch is inspired by lace trends from the catwalk and also features ornate rose gold details across its dial, a truly elegant 13th wedding anniversary gift.

2. Lace Tree

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£895, Kerry Darlington

This beautiful and unique edition print has been made with resin and 3D elements and will create a focal point in your home, and a modern yet traditional wedding anniversary idea.

3. Japanese Lace Painted Fan

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£20.99, 11SenseMandarin

This painted fan has been inspired by Japanese lace pattern. It would be a great functional gift, or can be used a decorative piece of art for the wall.

4. Peony & Blush Suede Lace

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£104, Jo Malone

Perfume is a really great traditional gift, and will make a lovely 13th anniversary present. Luxurious and seductive, this fragrance is a beautiful gift that has been etched with a decorative lace design.

5. Vintage Lace Lamp Shade

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£47.74, Mintook

This stunning shabby chic lampshade would be a beautiful 13th anniversary gift and a perfect romantic touch to your living space or bedroom.

6. Black Lace Ring

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£11, Darkstorm

This delicate, lace-style ring is adjustable and has a black finish, and would suit someone who loves statement jewellery.

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£145, Lily Gardner

These square cufflinks are a perfect gift for your partner for your thirteenth wedding anniversary, with their deco inspired design, each one is made with real couture lace embedded in Perspex.

8. Lace Bag

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£30, Joe Browns

This bag shouts vintage glamour and would be a gorgeous 13th anniversary gift. This delicate satin bag is overlaid with sequin-adorned lace for a luxurious look.

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9. Lace Photo Frame

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£23.73, Miss Rose Sister Violet

A beautiful hanging photo framed adorned with vintage lace, which would be perfect for your 13th wedding anniversary! Backed with canvas, this frame has a see through pocket for displaying your favourite family photo, or perhaps your favourite photo of you both as a couple.

10. Real Lace Flower orange necklace

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£17, Arbovita

This beautiful necklace has been handmade using a real Lace Flower which was dried and encased in resin. This is carefully done to preserve all of the detail in the flower. A lovely present to celebrate 13 years together.

11. Crotched Knitted Cushions

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£27, A and H Wills

These unique cushion covers are handmade in limited numbers using knitted original, crotchet lace patterned squares which have been stitched onto solid coloured cushions. These would make very elegant 13th anniversary gifts.

12. Handmade Lace Anniversary Flowers

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£45, Little Floundry

This handmade bouquet of anniversary flowers is stitched with green cotton leaves and lace, a perfect traditional gift to celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary!

13. Ceramic Lace Candle Holder

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£11.99, Roseland Furniture

This modern candle holder has a soft grey finish and a distinct lace pattern which would be perfect if your home is more modern, or if your partner loves grey, which is a very popular interior colour at the moment!

14. Lace Lithophane with Plate

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£45, Lladro

This is not only a functional interior light but also a piece of artwork.  Lithophany is the play of light with the translucent character of porcelain. By illuminating its interior, it projects warm lighting throughout the room and highlights the lace engraving on the exterior.

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Modern Fur Wedding Anniversary Gifts

15. Hot Water Bottle & Eye Mask

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£18.99, Lakeland

This faux fur hot water bottle would be great for a 13th anniversary gift and something that your partner will love especially on those cold, winter nights!

16. Long Faux Fur Coat

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£239, The White Company

A gorgeous winter coat is a wardrobe essential and something that your partner will get to use for years to come. This coat has been made using faux fur in a gorgeous mink colour.

17. Mountain Grey Wolf Throw

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£79, Fenrir

This throw is a timeless classic that will add warmth to your home and is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa with your partner on a cold winters day.

18. Vegan Cork Purse

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£10.95, Corky Vegan

A purse with a difference! This has been made using a vegan textile, cork and is a great vegan alternative gift for your 13 year anniversary.

19. Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£25, John Lewis

This is another great home décor gift if your partner loves luxury and grey, a luxurious 13th anniversary gift.

20. Personalised Slippers

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

£12.99, Littlelamourdesigns

Personalise these cute comfy slippers with either your partners name, or you could even get matching ones and personalise them with Mr & Mrs!

We hope you have been inspired and got some fantastic ideas for the perfect 13th anniversary gift, we think there really is something for everyone here!  If you want to get organised for next year, take a look at our 14th anniversary gift guide.


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