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170 Cool Venues

Sex, according to Philip Larkin, was invented in 1963. By the same token, you could somewhat gratuitously put style down as a discovery of the 1990s. Or at least it feels like style started to take over our lives at about that time, and has not relinquished its grip since. Weddings are no exception to this rule, with some decidedly cool venues on offer for couples who can't see themselves as the ham tea and net curtain types. Browse these pages then and you'll find plenty of funky places where the architecture and decor presage the sort of event you'll enjoy there – contemporary, colourful, clever, chic. Some are right at the heart of our most vibrant cities, others in perhaps more unexpected locales.

Your wedding should reflect your way of life and character. Nothing wrong with tradition, but if your life is lived at 100mph and you'd rather not change down a gear or two for your big day, opt for a place in keeping: where you’ll only find a 1970s menu done ironically, but are far more likely to be offered dishes on the cutting edge of culinary fashion; where you and your friends can feel at home – and maybe Great Aunt Marjory won't.