19 Wedding Venues in Conwy found

Not that local bridge design is likely to be high on your list of wedding day priorities, unless you are a civil engineer or architect, but the two at Conwy designed by Telford and Robert Stephenson could still play their part as a fine backdrop for any big day; likewise the magnificent castle built by Edward I (we suspect he had help). There is a lovely warm feel to this small town on the North Wales coast, and a quirky side too – on the quayside it has the smallest house in Britain. That comfortable atmosphere extends to the fine countryside behind the town, where the local gentry and outsiders who appreciated its beauty built some fine mansions.

Currently 19 venues

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The Gwenfrewi Project
North Wales
A beautiful historic venue surrounded by stunning scenery that dates back to the Bronze Age. A unique venue, The Gwenfrewi Project was set up to preserve a very important historical timeline. The former church holds civil ceremonies and is a place where you can create a truly individual wedding. Surrounded by ancient yews thousands of…

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