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22 Wedding Outfits Ideas For Same-Sex Couples

Author: Hollie Bond

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

When it comes to wedding attire there are no rules to say you have to wear a wedding dress or a suit just because you’re a bride or a groom. Instead, we prefer to embrace the phrase “your day, your way” and love seeing couples wearing whatever they feel most comfortable in, whether that’s a full-skirted ball gown, a white jumpsuit, or trainers and a tutu!

If you’re struggling to come up with outfit ideas you love for your same-sex wedding, however, we’ve compiled some of our favourite looks from real weddings to inspire you, plus tips and tricks for making your LGBTQ wedding outfits look as unique as you are.

Lesbian Wedding Outfit Inspiration

The sartorial world is your oyster when it comes to bridal style. As two brides you might choose to co-ordinate your looks with similar wedding dresses or suits. or you may purposefully look to clash and celebrate your own individual styles. Some brides at a lesbian wedding like to shop together when it comes to wedding attire while other brides choose to keep their outfits a secret from each other until their wedding day.

Sit down together and discuss which route you’d like to take to get the most enjoyment out of the wedding outfit planning journey. If you both have very similar taste in clothes you might want to check with each other the sort of gown or look you’re going for to make sure you don’t end up in exactly the same outfit. That said, it would be pretty magical to discover you’d both chosen exactly the same or a similar dress on your big day!

We’ve edited our favourite looks from real lesbian weddings to help inspire your own big day look.

Contrasting Wedding dresses

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

If you both like the idea of wearing classic wedding dresses then you’ve got the choice of shopping for them together and helping each other choose or asking members of your bridal party to help you and keeping your dresses a secret from each other until the big aisle reveal.

To ensure your wedding dresses are very different though and reflect your personalities you will have to discuss with each other the style you’re going for so that your bride-to-be doesn’t end up choosing something really similar.

Photo Credit: Francesca Secolonovo

Matching Wedding Dresses

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

If you like the idea of being matching in complementary wedding dresses you’ll need to either shop for them together or be really open about sharing your ideas of what you love and want to wear on your wedding day.

Remember, if you’re different shapes and sizes this look might be hard to achieve as some dress styles don’t work as well on different body shapes. If you’re shopping together make sure to tell the bridal boutique before your appointment so that they can allow extra time for both brides to try on the dresses and not rush you.

Photo Credit: Suzy Goodrick Photography

Matching Colour

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

There’s no rule to say you have to wear white or ivory at your wedding. Have fun and consider all colours of the rainbow at your LGBTQ wedding. By picking a matching colour for your outfits you’ll look in harmony without having to be too matchy matchy when it comes to the style of your dress or suit. Think about the colours of your wedding theme and how your outfits will look next to any decor in the photos.

Get the look: needleandthread.com

Matching Style, Different Colour

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Matching style dresses in different colours can be a lovely look for two brides as it makes you stand out from the crowd as the VIPs of the day while having your own unique choice of colour. Choose a style that flatters both of your body shapes and then decide whether you want to be bold or pared back with the colour palette.

Photo Credit: Lorna Lovecraft Photography

One Dress, One Suit

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

If one of you loves dresses and has always dreamed of wearing a big white dress while the other wouldn’t be seen dead in something frilly then opt for the one dress and one suit option. This will allow you to reflect your personalities and remain true to your own style without one of you feeling the pressure to wear something that simply isn’t “you”.

Photo Credit: Kerry-Ann-Duffy-Photography


Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Jumpsuits are a lovely modern alternative to wedding dresses if you’re not keen to be too traditional. Go for a lace or ivory jumpsuit if you want to look bridal or choose something more mainstream if it’s more your style and you want to wear it after the wedding.

Get the look: houseofollichon.co.uk

Photo Credit: Lisa Devlin of Devlin Photos

Boho Vibes

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Agree on a vibe for your day and then interpret it in your own unique way. Bohemian always looks chic especially if you’re hosting an outdoor do.

Get the look: clairepettibone.com

Photo Credit: Emilee Marie Photo

Every Day Style

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Who says you have to dress differently just because its your wedding. Reflect your everyday style on the day by wearing something already in your wardrobe or treating yourself to a new outfit you can wear after the wedding.

Photo Credit: All You Need Is Love Photography

Colourful Suits

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Neither of you fancy wearing dresses but want something different to a classic wedding suit? Then look for pretty colourful suits that go with the theme of your big day.

Photo Credit: Mia Sylvia and Camilla Andrea Photography

Gay Wedding Outfit Inspiration

When it comes to gay weddings most grooms still decide to wear suits whether they’re traditional, rustic or flamboyant, but there are plenty of other options out there too. Some grooms like to shop together or discuss their wedding style before the big day to ensure there’s a degree of cohesion in their sartorial choices, while others like to keep their look a surprise for their husband-to-be on the big day. Both approaches work and can result in brilliant wedding looks, you just need to decide which route works for your specific taste and wedding.

If you’re planning your outfit for your LGBTQ wedding, don’t feel constrained by classic groomswear. You don’t have to wear a suit if that’s not your usual style. Stay true to you and you can’t fail to look your very best. Dresses, kilts, shorts, fancy dress… there are no rules when it comes to same sex wedding attire, so have a bit of fun when you go wedding outfit shopping.

Here’s some inspiration for your look below…

Matching Wedding Suits

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

If you like things to look stylish and chic then you’ll probably favour a classic wedding look of matching suits. Black tie suits look particularly incredible at a gay wedding, but you can choose any suit that reflects your wedding and personal styles.

Photo Credit: Krista Ashley Photography

Contrasting Wedding Suits

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Keep your look a secret from your husband-to-be and choose your own suit that makes your heart sing. Make sure your other half has an idea of the sort of suit you’ve chosen so he can be sure not to choose anything too similar.

Photo Credit: Jessica OShaughnessy

Matching Accessories

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Want to have something matching but not your entire outfit? Then think about matching some of your accessories like your bow ties, braces or shoes.

Beachy Vibes

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Getting married at the beach? Keep things relaxed and channel some seaside chic with light materials, boat shoes (or even bare feet) and pastel shades.

Black And White

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Love black tie but don’t want to look identical? A monochrome look with one groom wearing white and the other in black looks seriously gorgeous and really stands out in wedding photos.

Get the look: theblacktux.com

Photo Credit: Kate Preftakes Photography


Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Got a Celtic connection? Then one or both grooms in a kilt can look incredible and is a lovely nod to your culture.

Get the look: macgregorandmacduff.co.uk

Photo Credit: Roslyn Gaunt Photography

Eccentric Suits

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Who says a suit has to be smart and traditional. There are plenty of absolutely crazy and fun suits out there that would work perfectly at any wedding, from really loud novelty prints to a decadent bright velvet blazer. No one will miss you in one of these.

Get the look: opposuits.co.uk

Photo Credit: Evren Turker Photography

Contrasting Colours

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Choose similar suits or outfits but mix and match the colours to create contrast and give your wedding look the fun factor. Colourful accessories like braces and bow ties are the best way to embrace this trend.

Get the look: cordings.co.uk

Photo Credit: Belle Sass Photography

Perfect Pastels

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Keep things stylish without being in perfect sync by choosing a pastel colour palette for your wedding day outfits.

Get the look: hawesandcurtis.co.uk

Photo Credit: Fiona Kelly Wedding Photography

Cultural Attire

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

At a multicultural gay wedding embrace your country’s traditional dress like this couple did. Some couples choose to have two ceremonies on their wedding day to reflect their two different cultures.

Photo Credit: Edward Winter and Readyluck

Rustic Chic

Same Sex Wedding Outfits

Holding your gay wedding in a barn or countryside location? Then reflect this in your suits by opting for a rustic look. Think about the fabric of your chosen suit – tweed works really well as does corduroy.

Get the look: marcdarcy.co.uk

Photo Credit: Hayley Savage Photography


Written by

Hollie Bond

Hollie is a lifestyle journalist with over ten years’ experience working in the wedding industry as Lifestyle Editor for You & Your Wedding magazine Also a Regional Editor for Muddy Stilettos, Hollie has written for Square Meal magazine, Family History Monthly, BBC History magazine and Homes & Antiques. In her spare time you can find Hollie in a dance studio practising ballet…

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