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50 Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season

Author: Molly Malsom

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

When you picture yourself walking down the aisle on your wedding day, one of the things you imagine is probably the wedding bouquet in your hands. And when it comes to flowers, you want to make sure you not only love them, but they suit the seasons you are marrying in.

Unless you’re a florist, you probably don’t have all the information when it comes to flowers. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered some beautiful floral arrangements perfectly suited to each season, and even a few for all year round!

Spring Wedding Flowers

Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season Spring 1
1. Peonies

Peonies are gorgeous flowers native to Asia, Europe, and North America and look beautiful in wedding bouquets. The tucked petals and pretty colours look perfect for weddings, and these blooms are said to bring good luck. Sounds perfect for a wedding!

2. Hyacinths

Hyacinths look stunning in a spring bridal bouquet mixed with another flower like tulips. A perfect spring flower, opt for lighter, pastel tones like blush pink and off-whites to make it season appropriate. Try to choose slightly different colours and tones to give the floral arrangement a bit more dimension.

3. Tulips

We just love tulips for wedding flowers. They look really elegant and can be used in a bridal bouquet without the company of other flowers if you want to keep it simple. If you want a bit of variety in your floral arrangement, you can add smaller flowers like hyacinths, something more statement like roses, or even some foliage.

4. Calla Lilies

For something a bit more dramatic, Calla Lilies are a stunning flower to really make a statement. One of the most popular wedding bouquet flowers, Calla Lilies symbolise innocence, purity, and magnificent beauty. What more could you want for your spring bouquet?

5. Hydrangeas

Another wedding flower favourite, hydrangeas are a classic choice when it comes to the bouquet. There are a few ways to style these florals, either alone with a mixture of shades, or for something a bit more robust, they pair beautifully with roses!

6. Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas are truly romantic flowers, symbolising kind-heartedness and known for their sweet fragrance. These look really beautiful mixed with various colours and tones, or mixed with other spring flowers mentioned in this list! They also look pretty dried, so you can keep them as wedding memorabilia.

7. Ranunculus

A great flower if you plan to include greenery and foliage in to your wedding bouquet, Ranunculus’ have bundled petals forming a rounded bud, with stems covered in fern-like leaves. By adding extra foliage with the flowers, you can create a gorgeous, wild flower-style floral arrangement.

8. Anemones

For something a bit different, Anemones are simply stunning! With large white petals and a bold, black centre, these flowers are so elegant in a bridal bouquet. Pair them with flowers such as hydrangeas, roses or foliage for the perfect Spring bouquet.

9. Narcissi

Similar to the more well-known daffodils, Narcissi flowers are gorgeous for spring weddings. The striking yellow centres surrounded by soft, white petals are beautifully bound together, especially when arranged with white or pastel pink roses!

10. Iris

Irises are a really pretty flower to add to your wedding bouquet. Symbolising hope, courage, and admiration, these flowers have delicate petals, most commonly seen in purple-blue tones. Pair them with white flowers such as roses or hydrangeas for the perfect Spring bouquet!

Summer Wedding Flowers

Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season Summer 2
11. Magnolia

Summer colours are always bright and beautiful, and with shade of white, purple, pink, green and yellow, Magnolias are the perfect summer wedding flower. Create wedding bouquets with a mixture of shades, or mix things up with roses or ranunculus if you are having a wedding in early summer.

12. Echinacea

For something more unique, you’ll love Echinacea. The ‘cone’ in the middle of the flower takes centre stage with it’s bulbous shape, with the bright, colourful petals a pretty decoration surrounding its base. These blooms are truly beautiful in a bouquet with daisies and gypsophilia of contrasting colours.

13. Gerbera Daisies

A larger, fuller, more colourful version of the daisies you find in your garden, these flowers come in a variety of bright colours. From bold oranges and summery yellows to pastel pinks and deep purples, Gerbera Daisies have a wide colour palette, perfect for any style of summer wedding bouquet.

14. Poppies

Poppies are a perfect statement flower for your bouquet, so even included a couple surrounded by smaller flowers or greenery looks impressive. There are some beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, so you will really achieve that summer wedding feel with these wedding flowers.

15. Water Lilies

You will probably have seen these floating on ponds, but the work perfectly in a bouquet for your big day, too. The layers of narrow petals look beautiful, with pink and white tones the most popular for weddings. You can also pair them with roses for a fuller, more elegant bouquet.

16. Freesia

Freesias are a popular summer bouquet flower, particularly the white ones. These are a very smooth, bulbous flower, and look stunning alongside tulips for an early summer wedding, or daisies and gypsphilia in mid to late season.

17. Sunflowers

We couldn’t talk about summer wedding flowers without mentioning sunflowers. These large florals with bright yellow petals are so perfect for bouquets, you don’t even need to add any other flowers to it. If you really want to add something extra, greenery is a great choice!

18. Gypsophila

Also known as baby’s breath, these gorgeous white micro-flowers create a perfect, delicate bouquet. We absolutely adore how these look alone in a bouquet as when bundled together they create a perfect domed shape. You’ll also get some green from the stems peaking through!

19. Day Lilies

Day Lilies have the classic lily shape with narrow, pointed petals with different tones. These look gorgeous mixed with other lily variants, or a few of the classic roses always look beautiful together. If you opt for bright colour lilies, we recommend going neutral with the other blooms.

20. Lisianthus

These are very similar to a rose in appearance, with bell shaped petals interwoven. However, you can find these in really cool colours like the popular shades of purple. These look stunning alone or paired with roses for an elegant feel.

Autumn Wedding Flowers

Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season Autumn 3
21. Dahlia

For something a bit more elegant, Dahlias are the perfect wedding flowers for Autumn bouquets. These look best mixed with other dahlias of varying colours, or to mix things up you could add roses or Salvia.

22. Celosia

These are gorgeous blooms with incredibly full petals forming the perfect round shape. These are perfect for Autumn weddings due to their beautiful colour range, including deep reds, fiery oranges, and dark pinks.

23. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a gorgeous flower with long, thin petals that look perfect in bouquets. For a really Autumnal feel, add pansies and ornamental cabbages (more on these in a moment) which will create a fun, full bouquet for your big day.

24. Ornamental Cabbages

These might sound a bit strange, but they can really complete an Autumn bouquet. They look like a more elegant version of a cabbage, but they not only fill our bouquets beautifully, but they create balance between bright florals and rustic greenery.

25. Aster

These look similar to daisies with their yellow centres surrounded by long, thin petals. But Aster flowers are bigger and come in a wide variety of stunning colours. These look gorgeous paired with roses and celosia, but can also look great alone.

26. Protea

For something unique, protea are a stunning choice. They are a large bloom, with a large centre surrounded by pointed petals. We’d recommend one feature protea in your bouquet surrounded by other Autumn favourites like dahlias and celosia.

27. Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass has become really popular in 2021, and for good reason. They create drama and height while it’s neutral colour makes it perfect to pair with any colours. We think these look best with protea and roses for an Autumn bouquet.

28. Alstroemeria

More commonly known as the Peruvian Lily, these flowers are perfect as fillers when paired with more statement blooms. You’ll find most of these are white or very pale pinks, so they pair great with the bright Autumn tones.

29. Liatris

These are great for a more rustic bouquet, Liatris can be used alongside your main flowers to create height and contrast. These look great with any of the Autumn flowers mentioned, especially those in deep, Autumnal tones.

30. Delphinium

A pretty, delicate flower that often blooms in a bold, blue shade. Pair these with a mixture of flowers like roses, protea, and celosia to get the most out or your Autumn bouquet.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season Winter 4
31. Amaryllis

Winter wedding flowers are all about darker tones, making Amaryllis a really special feature in your bouquet. A beautiful tone of deep red, these flowers look great with roses and orchids, or even alone in a statement arrangement.

32. Camellias

Symbolising love and affection, Camellias are a large flower, often in tones of white and pale pink. These look gorgeous in a bouquet, especially when paired with roses or pretty greenery.

33. Casablanca Lilies

There is a lily for every season, with the winter season bringing Casablance Lilies. The white petals are often used for weddings, looking simply stunning alone or paired with other Winter blooms, and especially beautiful with winter greenery.

34. Forget-Me-Nots

For something a bit more delicate, forget-me-nots are truly beautiful for a winter wedding. The powered blue shade looks gorgeous at this time of year, and they look their best without the addition of other flowers.

35. Hellebores

A cottage garden staple, hellebore are a symbol of serenity and tranquillity. These are another statement flower, often starting white and turning a warm pink, but for those who want to create something really unique, these come in a striking black colour.

36. Winter Pansies

Winter pansies and a smaller flower varying in colour from yellow, orange, and red to blue, purple, and white. Because of the array of colours, you can create a gorgeous winter bouquet full of the different shades.

37. Clivia

Part of the lily family, clivia are often a striking orange or red tone, but also classic white. Create a winter bouquet with just statement clivia, add some roses and camellias, or even add some winter greenery.

38. Daphne

These symbolise immortality, so having these in your bouquet represents an everlasting love. Daphne are a beautiful winter wedding flower, paired with roses or foliage for a special bouquet of wedding flowers.

39. Grevillea

Another unique wedding flower for your winter bouquet, Grivillea are a colourful, spiky flower often seen in pink and red tones. These look great with a mixture of winter blooms like clivia, hellebores, and amaryllis.

40. Wintersweet

These are another great filler flower. Tiny petals scattered up a long branched stem, these look best in bouquets alongside statement flowers and winter greenery. Keep it classic with white wintersweets, or go bold with rich pinks.

All Season Wedding Flowers

Stunning Wedding Bouquets For Every Season All Year 5
41. Roses

You’ve probably noticed we’ve mentioned roses a lot through every season, and for good reason. Roses bloom all year round and look stunning mixed with almost any flower.

42. Dried Flowers

If fresh flowers aren’t really your thing, you can get some great dried flower bouquets. You can often get flowers that would typically be out of season, but because they are dried, they will last so much longer.

43. Paper Flowers

This is a more recent trend, but definitely one worth considering as an alternative to fresh flowers. There are some amazing creators making paper flowers that look a lot more realistic than you might imagine. These will last forever, too.

44. Petunia

Petunias are beautiful flowers that come in a range of colour variations. From white and pale pink to bright blue and deep purple, you can really have fun with these. They look especially beautiful when paired with and type of lily.

45. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum are another pretty, delicate flower, perfect to add fullness to your bouquet. These look best paired with a statement seasonal flower and an added bit of greenery.

46. Begonia

A beautiful, large flower, these are a great all year round wedding floral. As well as the striking colour variants, Begonia flowers are pretty enough to be used alone in a bouquet.

47. Rudbeckia

These gorgeous flowers have the appearance of a mini sunflower. So if you are a lover of the bright yellow bloom, this is a great option if your wedding is out of their season.

48. Verbena

A saucer shaped bud, verbena are tiny little fragrant flowers that look perfect in a wedding bouquet. We recommend pairing these with other flowers such as roses, or statement flowers in season when you marry.

49. Calibrachoa

These are a striking flower for something a bit different in you arrangement. Similar in appearance to petunias, calibrachoa come in a range of vibrant colours, perfect for a wedding in any season.

50. Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are becoming more and more realistic, so it’s unlikely anyone will notice you aren’t carrying real flowers. There are lots of perks to faux flowers; they are more robust and won’t be damaged in transit, they are often cheaper, and you can keep them forever!


Written by

Molly Malsom

Molly is a University graduate with a degree in Magazine Journalism and Production. Having contributed to Calm Moment and Visit Cheltenham, she now works for the For Better For Worse marketing team while freelance writing in her spare time.

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