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7 Top Tips To Generate More Website Clicks In 2023

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

We know how important it is to ensure you are driving traffic to your website. Not only does it increase your chance of gaining more leads but good quality content also helps gain the trust of your potential couples.

To help get you started, here are our 7 Top Tips to get you more website clicks!

1. Adding Quality Content To Your Wedding Blog

Blogging might seem like a daunting task that will never be complete but adding new content to your website regularly is one of the most important tasks of maintaining your website. You can blog about recent weddings that have taken place, open days or maybe an event that is coming up.

But most importantly, you can use your blog to give value to your audience. Maybe, they are planning their big day and are looking for hints and tips to help them ensure there day runs smoothly, remember they probably haven’t planned a wedding before and are looking for a little helping hand.

You can share these blog posts on social media to help drive traffic to your website, use titles that will draw them in and want them to click to find out more!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

Make sure your writing content that is relevant and is on trend. If you write about just anything the end user may not be interested.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Website Using Keywords

Your competitors can be a great place to find keyword ideas, but they won’t be using all of them. There will be still many keywords that your competitors are not targeting and you can find these using keyword research tools.

All keyword research tools are very similar and work the same away. You simply put in a keyword and then the tool will pull up keyword ideas from their database.

The most popular keyword tool is Google Keyword Planner. It’s free to use, so that’s a big bonus too! it’s clever enough to show you keyword ideas that are relevant to the keyword you searched.

Make a list of all keywords and be sure to include them throughout your website copy including when writing blog posts to help drive traffic to your website!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

Make sure your list of keywords include localised keywords that apply to the location of your venue. Local SEO is very important!

3. Struggle To Capture People In With Titles?

Did you know that using questions in titles generates a higher click through rate (CTR) in fact a 14.1% higher CTR compared to titles that do not include a question.

When you are writing blog posts think about how you can use a title to draw people in, make them want to find out more including the answer to your question to increase traffic to your website.

You could even go through current content on your blog and change some of your titles and share them around your social media, it doesn’t just have to be done on new content going forward.

Charlotte’s Top Tip

When coming up with title idea’s you really need to think about the person you are writing for, make sure your question would make them want to read more to ensure they click to help increase traffic to your website. Remember, keep it simple and don’t over complicate it!

4. Get Social

If you are not already on social media, you are missing a trick! Social media is a great way to advertise your venue for free! Build a following, get posting and let the enquiries flow in!

One of the easier and cheapest ways to drive traffic to your website is to use Instagram stories when you have 10k followers you will be able to use their ‘swipe up’ function where you can add a link to a URL and send the user to it, this is a great way to easily drive traffic.

When posting to your Insta grid don’t forget to drive them to the link in your bio to find out more. You can use a tool like Link Tree to display a list of URL’s so you don’t need to change the link to the relevant one when you post.

You can read our guide on how to make the most out of Instagram in 2023 on our wedding hour blog

Facebook posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website as you can share a link in these and it will be a hyperlink to the URL you have posted.

Joining Facebook groups are a great way to connect and network with your end customer, you can build relationships up with couples who are planning their big day and been seen an expert in the Wedding Industry. In many Facebook Groups, they have days like Social Saturdays where you can share links to your website, be sure to join in these too!

A great way to create noise on Social Media Platforms is to do contests and giveaways, it gets people sharing about your brand, visiting your website and shouting about you online!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

I know creating graphics to share on socials can seem like a long task but I would recommend using Canva which have free templates the correct size and you can simply drop your logo, images and content into them!

5. Spend Money To Make Money

Sometimes not everything is free and there is no way around it. You’ve got to invest something in your business to get something back and a great way to do this is to use Ads to drive traffic to your website.

There are different types of Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google Ads. The cheapest is Instagram Ads but these can be run across Facebook too, as Facebook owns Instagram!

Simply set a budget, target your audience, and create your ad!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

You can pull data from your website of your visitors and use this as your target audience!

6. Share Your Knowledge

Be the expert in your field. Create content to give away to your end user, whether this is templates that can be used, top tips or even some free guides. Users love free content that will help them improve their product/service.

The content can be something as simple as a budget excel spreadsheet, it all depends on your industry but it needs to be something will be draw the end user in and will make them want to download it.

You can place this free content as a download on your website and drive traffic to your website from all platforms including social media and paid advertising. Once they are on your website you can then use this to capture data. For example, you can ask them to enter their email address before they download the free content.

You can then use this information to re market to them!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

Driving traffic to your website is important. You can then use this data to upload to Facebook Ads to re market to and create ‘look a like’ audiences to help you maximise your reach!

7. Land In Their Mailbox

We all love marketing that does not break the bank! Email marketing is an affordable way to reach a large audience for a very small price.

The only price you pay is for your email marketing software. Mailchimp and Send In Blue are great and affordable to use for this.

Whether you have late dates an open day or just need to start filling dates for next year, You can use email marketing to target your audience. Using links in the email to drive traffic to your website to generate more website clicks is a great way to improve your traffic.

The subject of the email is important, we want to ensure that it makes them want to open the email to find out more, so don’t give too much away!

Charlotte’s Top Tip

Stay GDPR compliant! Remember, you need permission to email someone or they need to show a legitimate interest in your business!

7 FREE Tools To Help Drive Traffic To Your Website


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