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Looking for Date Fillers? Offer Dry Hire Weddings and Shout About It!

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

If you haven’t jumped on the dry hire weddings train yet, now is the perfect time to consider it. Dry hire is a popular option where you provide the venue, and the couple arranges everything else. Yes, that’s right—everything! From caterers and decorators to furniture and lighting, the couple gets to handpick every detail, transforming your space into their dream wedding venue.

Dry hire offers a blank canvas, allowing couples to bring their unique vision to life. This means they can choose vendors that reflect their style and preferences, ensuring their wedding is truly one-of-a-kind. As a venue, this flexibility can be a major selling point, attracting a diverse range of clients who might have overlooked your venue otherwise.


Why Dry Hire Your Venue?

Fill Those Gaps: Dry hire weddings often have shorter lead times and are a fantastic way to book those remaining midweek dates. Couples looking for flexibility or last-minute arrangements will appreciate having this option available.

By offering dry hire, you can maximise your venue’s usage, filling those midweek slots that might otherwise remain empty. This not only boosts your occupancy rates but also brings in additional revenue during times that are typically harder to book. Think of it as turning every day of the week into a potential wedding day, thereby increasing your earning potential.

In today’s wedding market, personalisation is key. Couples want their big day to reflect their personalities and love stories. Dry hire allows them to have full creative control, which can be incredibly appealing. By marketing your venue as a place where their dreams can come true, you can attract a wider audience who are specifically seeking this level of customization.

Unlike traditional bookings where you might need to coordinate with various vendors and manage in-house services, dry hire simplifies your role. You provide the space and basic amenities, while the couple handles the rest.


Why Couples Love Dry Hire

Flexibility: Couples can tailor their wedding exactly to their taste without being limited by in-house services. Couples have the freedom to choose every supplier, from caterers to florists, ensuring their wedding day is precisely what they envision. This can be particularly attractive to those with specific dietary requirements, unique decor ideas, or a particular theme in mind.

Bespoke Experience: A bespoke wedding is all about personalisation. With dry hire, couples can design an event that reflects their individuality, from custom cocktails to handpicked music playlists.

DIY: For DIY enthusiasts, dry hire is a dream come true. It offers the perfect opportunity to get creative and craft a wedding that feels personal and intimate. From handmade decorations to personalised favours, the DIY approach can add a heartfelt touch to the celebration.

Cost Control: Budgeting is a significant concern for many couples. Dry hire allows them to control costs more effectively by choosing vendors that fit their budget. They can also supply their own drinks, avoiding high corkage fees, which can lead to substantial savings.

Exclusive Use: Exclusive use of a venue ensures privacy and intimacy, allowing couples to enjoy their day without interruptions. This can be a major selling point, especially for those who value a private, personal celebration.


How to Offer Dry Hire at Your Venue

Offering dry hire at your venue can be straightforward and highly rewarding. Here’s how you can get started:

Provide the Shell: Offer the basic infrastructure, including the venue space, utilities, and essential facilities like restrooms and parking. This forms the foundation on which couples can plan from.

The Package: Create packages that outline what’s included in the dry hire. Be transparent about what’s provided and what the couple will need to arrange themselves. Clear communication helps manage expectations and ensures a smooth planning process. Alongside this, you can be flexible, give them the ability to hire from you if they would prefer, from staffing to crockery.

Supplier Recommendations: While couples will be bringing in their own vendors, providing a list of recommended suppliers can be incredibly helpful. This not only assists couples who might be overwhelmed by choices but also fosters good relationships with local vendors.

Highlight Your Features: Emphasise the unique features of your venue that make it ideal for dry hire. This could be its architectural beauty, stunning views, or versatile spaces that can be easily transformed.


Already Offering Dry Hire? Shout About It!

If dry hire is already part of your offerings, it’s crucial to ensure that potential clients know about it. Here’s how you can effectively promote this option:

Update Your Website: Make sure your website clearly highlights the benefits of dry hire. Include testimonials from couples who have had successful dry hire weddings at your venue.

Social Media Presence: Utilise your social media platforms to share stories, photos, and videos from past dry hire weddings. Engage with your audience by showcasing the unique setups couples have created at your venue.

Remember, while dry hire can attract DIY-enthusiast couples, it can also serve as a gateway to your full-service offerings. When couples see the potential of your venue and discuss their ideas with you, they might realise they prefer the convenience of a fully comprehensive package. This initial interest in dry hire can turn into a full-service booking, especially if you emphasise your venue’s versatility and the ease of working with your experienced team.


Ready to fill those dates and boost your bookings? Offer dry hire and let FBFW help you shout about it!


P.S, if you would like to be featured on our The Best UK Dry Hire Wedding Venues blog, then Contact us today and also learn more about how we can support your wedding business.

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