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857 Unusual Venues

It's your big day and thus special by definition, so why not make it even bigger and more special by opting for something a bit different for the venue? Or as is the case with some of the venues we list in this section, something very very different indeed. Maybe you are the sort of people who don't feel at ease with the conventional. Maybe you think that your nerves will be jangling hard enough that day and a super-formal atmosphere would make it worse. Perhaps you think that the fun in your relationship should be reflected in a fun venue. Or the vastness of your commitment and love should be symbolised by you opting for a huge historic building. The romance that brought you together celebrated in a classic romantic setting.

In the end the reasons for your choice, and the choice itself, are down to you. We hope that by widening the range of venues from which you pick we can help with the process, which let's face it is not an easy one. So sit back and browse to your heart's content, with maybe a smile on your face at some of these pages and wide-eyed amazement at others. Happy hunting.