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140 Sport Venues

What do you want from your wedding venue? Your list may well include fine facilities, fabulous location, a certain style, and people used to providing great service under pressure to help customers relax and enjoy themselves. Which is what these sporting choices can offer and then some.

Not that we should really lump all sporting venues together as somehow identical in character, far from it: they are as individual as every bride's wedding plans, and that too is in their favour. Where these places do fit together is the way they link superb outdoor amenities with equally excellent ones indoors. So if anonymous isn't what you are after in a venue, then these options could be in with a sporting chance of providing a favourite.

There are reasons beyond the practical for choosing such places of course: maybe you have an emotional attachment to a particular pastime (maybe that is how you met!); or perhaps your family does. Maybe it seems right that there is a winning post nearby!

We feature clubs involved in a variety of sports, from polo to fishing via golf, horseracing, rowing and yachting, pastimes that appeal to different sections of the public just as these venues will - we hope one will be just right for you.