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844 Historic Venues

Unless you are Arab royalty, part of an ancient aristocratic family, or really really really minted, you probably don't live in one of our great historic houses. But that doesn't mean you can't select such a place as the venue for your wedding. Take some time to browse through those we list here and you cannot help but be impressed, and we think one or several of them will be sure to fire your imagination.

Most of us want a wedding to be solemn, but at the same time an enjoyable experience for all concerned. These are magnificent buildings, some of them the work of our finest architects and many surrounded by gardens designed by their landscaping equals. They cannot help but bring a sense of occasion and of solidity. And yes they bring a certain style too, and undoubted grandeur. Imagine the wedding pictures too - your photographer will have a field day spoilt for choice of background inside and out.

Such a venue will underpin the fact that your wedding day is a truly special one. And they won't be boring - nobody in the family will ever forget your big day and where you held it.