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It is surely no coincidence that the wedding season coincides with the times when our gardens are showing at their finest. So why not choose for your own wedding one of these venues with lovely green (and blue, and red, and gold, and silver and pink...) spaces? There are gardens that can host the entire event in a marquee, and others where the garden will simply enhance the day with light and air and the scent of flowers to greet you and your guests as you enter and leave the main building or take a stroll meanwhile.

Gardens are something of a national obsession, woven into the British psyche. Just a glance at Shakespeare’s sonnets or the words of the Romantic Poets reveals how important floral and verdant imagery is for us. We feel at home - and that’s a good feeling to have on your big day - surrounded by tamed nature. That may run from a vast mansion set within a magnificent park, to a hotel with a manicured lawn perfect for your group pictures, or a country inn with a pretty beer garden. And it’s not just the snappers who'll thank you, but the nippers too - with a bit of green space to run around in screaming kids tend to turn into beaming kids.