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How to Maximise Leads by Marketing your Wedding Business

Author: Sue White

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Whether you’re a wedding venue or supplier, it’s important to market your business in more than one place. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, how about if your Facebook page is suspended or the company you advertise with goes bust tomorrow?

The cost of living crisis is becoming a thing. I have spoken to wedding venues this week who are becoming a little worried about what the future holds and if people will be able to afford weddings as times get a little tough but remember, without marketing your business, how do you expect to gain enquiries?

In this blog I will go through different ways of marketing your business to gain more enquiries, along with ideas of how to get there!


Let’s start with Facebook, I bet you all have a Facebook page. How many times a week do you post? I would recommend posting once per day on your feed, It seems like a lot but why not schedule in advance so you don’t need to remember to post daily!

What to post on Facebook

I get asked this a lot when speaking to venues, especially those who are just starting out. Before and After are always a great hit, show your venue inside and out so couples can get an idea of how your venue can look. Remember, each part of your venue can look so different depending on what decor the couples getting married that day have so remember to take lots of pictures yourself as photographers mainly get pictures of the people, you need the shots of your wedding venue to inspire other potential couples to tie the knot at your venue.

Facebook Groups

Remember to post and be active where your target audience hangs out. You will find a lot of brides planning their big day in their local wedding Facebook group, maybe they’re searching for their dream wedding venue or suppliers and they’re using the group to gain inspiration and ideas or maybe they’re looking for advice on where to get married. Be there, be active and be seen as the expert, you’ll then gain the trust of those potential couples and others who see your comments!

Facebook Ads

Venues tell me daily how they have struggled with Facebook Ads since the iOS 14 update. So why waste your budget? Put that budget on placing your venue on an online directory which is high up in Google rankings and already do paid advertising!


The perfect place to create a real feel of a wedding day at your wedding venue. Make sure you’re posting at least once a day to your main feed, then additional posts on your stories. These can be sharing inspiration, this or that games to get your audience engaged, or reviews from previous wedding couples.

Instagram Reels

Reels should be a big part of your Instagram strategy, not just because the Instagram algorithm loves them, so they get an amazing reach, but also because it gives your audience something to watch and interact with. You don’t have to show your face. Record snippet videos of your venue, before and afters, setting it up the venue for a wedding day, little sneak peeks and put them together in a short Reel. This will give new potential couples an idea of a wedding day at your venue but also couples who have already booked some inspiration for their wedding day. Remember, promote upsells too!

Instagram Ads

If they work for you, great, but just as I said with Facebook ads, it’s great to put the budget into something that already has a lot of traffic to their socials and website. For example, at For Better For Worse, we see over 2.7 million page views per year. I think you’ll find a listing with us is better value for money than throwing money at ads! Request our pricing here.


Advertise everywhere your target audience hangs out! Be sure never to miss an opportunity. Pinterest is a great way to showcase your venue and also share sneak peeks of previous couples set up to give potential couples an idea, remember they are on Pinterest looking for inspiration. They may not have started their wedding planning journey yet, they may have only just got engaged, so this is a great place to offer your expert help. Share wedding planning tips, guides on how to plan weddings, wedding seating plans and so much more!

Remember to include links to your website so you can redirect the traffic to where you would like it! 

Online Directories

Are you fed up of paying for paid ads and seeing no return? Here at For Better For Worse, we rank page 1 on Google for the majority of regional search results meaning your listing can be found on Google page 1!

Potential couples will land on your listing for their Google search, they may read your content, look at your images and reviews on your listing and may even watch your venue but where do they go from there?

  • Enquire through your listing – they may fill out the enquiry form on your listing 
  • Call you – they may decide to click your number and give you a call 
  • Visit your website – they may want to do some more research into you 
  • Visit your socials – Social platforms play a massive part in the customer journey, ensure your socials are up to date with latest images and information, make sure your feed is looking on point!
  • They may go back to Google and search your venue name – they are going to be parting with a lot of money, it’s their biggest day of their life of course, they are going to do their research into you. So make sure all your platforms are looking their best including your For Better For Worse Listing. You can read our blog on what makes a good FBFW listing here. 

We as an industry got through a global pandemic, together. So we can face this next challenge, together. If you would like to book a discovery call to find out how a For Better For Worse Listing can help you gain enquiries or you already list with us and you’re looking for some inspiration and a marketing expert to bounce ideas from you can book a call here


Written by

Sue White

Learn more about Sue White