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The Complete Guide To Honeymoon Insurance

Author: Gracie Pritchard

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

After almost two years of complete isolation in the cold and rain (we do love living in the UK, we promise), it’s about time that we started jetting off around the world now that we’re able to. And what better excuse to travel abroad is there than your honeymoon? But, of course, due to the recent (and still prevalent) pandemic, you have probably thought about your wedding insurance but have you thought about investing in some good honeymoon or travel insurance?

But what is honeymoon insurance, how much does it cost, and what should it cover? Here is our ultimate guide to insuring your honeymoon getaway!

What Is Honeymoon Insurance?

The Complete Guide To Honeymoon Insurance Honeymoon & hotels 1

Essentially, honeymoon insurance refers to what you will already know to be ‘travel insurance’, just catered more towards travelling couples (and you often find you’ll get better deals travelling for your honeymoon). Unlike general trips, couples tend to do more adventurous activities and push themselves out of their comfort zone for the sake of making more memories with their new partner on their honeymoons.

So naturally, finding and investing in insurance that is adequate enough to cover all bases takes time to research all the details, you don’t want to get the wrong policy as it could be an issue when needing to make a claim. It’s also important to find a company that is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. so keep that in mind! Hopefully, this guide will help you gain a better understanding of the coverage and costs that best suit your honeymoon getaway!

Honeymoon Insurance VS Generic Travel Insurance: Which Is Better?

We know what you’re thinking, as insurance customers, what’s the difference between honeymoon insurance and generic travel insurance, aren’t they both the same thing? And the answer to that question is very simple: YES! And here’s why:

Honeymoon Insurance

As already mentioned, honeymoon insurance is used to protect the same things that generic travel insurance does, plus a few added extras for those adrenaline junky couples who want more of an adventurous holiday. Generally, honeymoon insurance covers and protects your from:

  • Honeymoon Cancellations (health, destination or travel issues) – and in the current climate, there’s no better time than now to make sure you insurance covers trip cancellations if for whatever reason you do need to cancel, you can thank us later.
  • Medical Care & Treatment – you can never be safe when travelling abroad, and if you’re planning on trying something new, it’s always better to have good insurance that can cover any necessary medical bills (we don’t know how lucky we are to have the NHS).
  • Transport Back To The UK In Case Of Emergency – as already mentioned, you can never be too safe when it comes to travelling abroad, and you’ll be thankful for the coverage if the worst happens.
  • Lost/Stolen Luggage – we can’t imagine it’s a nice feeling to get to your honeymoon destination in Bali and your luggage has someone ended up in Phuket, but we’d probably feel a lot better if we knew our insurance covered it!

And any added extras that you feel necessary when it comes to travelling abroad, the more coverage the better as far as we’re concerned!

Generic Travel Insurance

In comparison to what is classed as ‘honeymoon insurance’, standard travel insurance is exactly as it sounds: generic. And of course that means it doesn’t usually cover as much. Although, with good research, you probably could find a good generic travel insurance that covers your trip if it’s too taxing to your wedding budget (and you’re not on your own with that one either). Like ‘honeymoon insurance’, generic travel insurance also protects customers from cancellations, medical issues, transport in case of serious emergency and luggage issues. And for people with budgeting issues, it does tend to be cheaper too!


For further clarification and advice, we spoke to Emma Parry-Thorpe from Travel Counsellors about the difference between the two and whether one of the policies is more beneficial for travelling couples than the other, this is what she had to say:

“After 34 years in the travel industry, whether someone has honeymoon or generic travel insurance isn’t important. It’s more important to ensure that the cover you invest in can protect your WHOLE holiday and the destinations you plan to travel to. Especially as in this current climate (due to the pandemic), many airlines are also calling for travel insurance to include COVID-19 coverage. And as the average cost of a honeymoon in the UK is around £7,000, many married couples are making the mistake of not investing in enough insure to cover their holiday if it gets cancelled” – Emma Parry-Thorpe, Travel Counsellors

She also mentioned possibly investing in an annual policy if you’re looking to travel more than once within the year to multiple destinations , as they’re better value for money than single trip policies. So, there you have it! As long as your personal policy covers your whole trip, it doesn’t really matter which one you invest in. Although, we would recommend investing in ‘honeymoon insurance’ if it’s within your means.

The Average Cost of Honeymoon Insurance

The Complete Guide To Honeymoon Insurance Seaside honeymoon 2

According to Travel Counsellors, the average costs of a the honeymoon alone stands at around £7000. So as you can probably imagine, a basic £5 travel policy probably isn’t going to cover your trip if worse comes to worse (scratch that, it definitely won’t). For couples travelling abroad, you should expect to pay a number between 4% – 10% of the money paid in full for your trip (for example, if your trip costs you £5000, you would be looking to pay between £250 – £500 for a policy to cover your whole trip). And of course, it may cost a bit more if you’re looking to invest in an annual policy, but it’s well worth it!

If you’re panicking about budgeting, there are a wide variety of travel insurance policies available for you to invest in, some starting for as little as £12 on some websites. And if you do your research, a number of airlines offer travel insurance as part of your deal (e.g. EasyJet – a cheap flight and even cheaper insurance), as long as you remember they are only basic policies and don’t cover as much!

How Can I Get The Best Deals on Honeymoon Travel Insurance?

The Complete Guide To Honeymoon Insurance ross parmly rf6ywHVkrlY unsplash 3

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a multitude of fantastic places to look for great deals on honeymoon insurance policies. But great deals in terms of travel insurance policies doesn’t always equate to the cheapest option. Especially if the insurance provider isn’t regulated by the financial conduct authority, as you could encounter issues when making a claim.

We already know what that the cheaper the policy, the less it covers when it comes to your trip! If you’re frequent travellers, it may be worth looking into annual policies that will last you and your partner a whole years worth of trips and potentially save you some money . However, if you are looking into great deals on single trip policies, here are some of our favourite insurance companies to invest in (UK based):

  1. Post Office Money: All the basic necessities (cancellations, illness etc.), plus a ton of added benefits such as gadget coverage, natural disaster and terrorism coverage, cruise coverage and many more. Price varies depending on the ins and outs of your trip (dates, age, location etc.).
  2. LV= Premier: All the necessary coverage needed as well as COVID 19 coverage and insurance for over 65s with a 24 hour helpline. Plus a 10% discount when you purchase their policy online, – again, prices vary depending on your age and other factors.
  3. Columbus Direct Gold: Again, all the necessary protection necessities, plus cover for over 15o sports and activities – one for the adventurous couples! And it also includes free travel insurance for children – all for a great price!
  4. The AA Gold: Has all the necessary details, plus added extra personal cover, and you and your partner will be covered for up to 186 days (depending on age), so if you want to extend your trip you can!
  5. Stay Sure: Known as the ‘UK’s #1 For Travel Insurance’, Stay Sure is a company that offer all the generic travel insurance bits, plus 10% off of PCR tests and 20% off of all policies for Black Friday using the code Black20 – get your free quote now!

There’s a wide variety of policies to choose from (most also offer annual policies), do your research pre-travel and make sure you have the right policy for you and your partner, that’s the most important thing! It’s also important to check reviews of the insurance provider to make sure you receive a good service if you do have to make a claim. And always make sure to check the specific insurers website before you purchase, to make sure you’re not missing out on a good deal!

Final Thoughts

Making sure you’ve invested in good honeymoon or travel insurance pre-travelling is so important – it could quite literally save your or your partner’s life! So, before jetting off into the sunshine, do your research and make sure the insurance you decide on covers your WHOLE holiday and don’t forget to do a comparison check between insurers! We promise you won’t regret it. Happy Travelling (take us with you)!


Written by

Gracie Pritchard

Gracie is our Marketing Assistant. She recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University, studying BA Broadcast Journalism and is passionate about anything and everything to do with writing! In her spare time, Gracie enjoys creating playlists, eating good food, drinking cocktails, and spending time with her favourite people; her family and friends.

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