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50 Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Author: Emily Perry

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

There are many different tasks to organise on your wedding day and whilst choosing your dress and writing your vows, typing your reception together is just as important. This part of the day offers your loved ones an opportunity to meet and break the ice whilst taking in the day and creating memories. The reception also provides a chance to bring your style into the day and decorate the room as you and your partner would like.

Whether you would like to keep it simple and choose minimal decoration or go completely extravagant with large centrepieces, the choice is yours. We have compiled a list to show the inspiration for your big day and cover many ideas for whichever direction you would like to take your wedding day. For more ideas on how to decorate your wedding reception, take a look at 75 Easy and Creative DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas and 92 Creative and Cheap Wedding Favour Ideas.

A White Rose Garland

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 1

Flowers are a lovely way of keeping it simple but adding your spin by picking what works for you. A classic white rose adds sophistication and glamour to your day.

A Miniature Garden

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 2

If gardening is a hobby you enjoy, this could be the one for you. Miniature pot plants to line your reception tables. This will also offer a great talking point for any keen gardener.

Black Taper Candles

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 3

Is your wedding set in a castle? Or maybe in the winter months? Adding character to the evening could come in the form of long black taper candles. Adding character and creating space to allow guests to talk to each other.

Lantern Delight

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 4

A romantic and unique way of setting the mood for your evening reception could be with the use of lanterns. The candles can be swapped depending on how much light you would them to project and the rustic edge builds character.

Floating Candles

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 5

A great daytime option is floating candles with tea lights, they create a whimsical feel and these small details will not go missed by the wedding party. The glass cylinders elevate the light and incorporate clear water, making an elegant choice.

Floral Height

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 6

Blooms are a great addition to any reception table, but tall floral stands can make a unique statement to the table runners and give the table that wow factor. The table numbers will also be easily seen with the table decoration at height.

A Seasonal Touch

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 7

Incorporating the seasonal month into your wedding table decorations can offer inspiration as well as a colour theme. Add a homely feel by using a clay jug and autumnal flowers. Vases can come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be easy to match your theme when you pick what works for you.

Keep it Simple

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 8

On a tight budget? or just looking to let the venue do the talking? A romantic touch can still be added with just the use of smaller items or a place card. Think small vases, confetti, a splash of colour or some simple small accessories.

A Blossom Tree

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 9

Why stop at flowers? Adding a small blossom tree not only adds height to allow guests to talk and share memories but also adds texture and a unique wedding style to your wedding day.

Green Foilage

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 10

Another idea for your big day is to add elements of greenery to the tables. The search will be quicker and the use of nature can still play a part in the day without the floral touch. Wedding table decorations can come in all shapes and sizes, so choose the best option for you.

DIY Fairy Light Edition

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 11

Not everything on the reception table has to be styled by a florist or another supplier. Why not purchase some jars and fairy lights and add that DIY touch to the wedding table decorations?

A Seasonal Approach

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 12

Choosing to mix your wedding table decorations with the season is another source of inspiration for the day. Using dried fruit such as pears and apples or even pumpkins depending on the time of year. This theme suits the rustic wooden tables.

Baby's Breath

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 13

An uncommon floral arrangement, but becoming more and more popular. The simplicity of these flowers is perfect for a wedding day.

A Hoop Wedding Centrepiece

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 14

You don’t need to stop at candles or flowers, adding height and texture with a thin wooden hoop can accentuate the table. The decoration also offers a stand for the tealights to hang off and creates a whimsical feel.

Wild Flowers

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 15

Adding wedding table decorations to your summer wedding can come in the form of wild summer flowers, no need for a vase, but this idea would work either way. Also adding a range of colours works best for this idea, think blue, pink, red or orange, the list goes on.

A Tropical Paradise

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 16

Wedding abroad or trying to create that feeling? Big tropical leaves and banana leaves could be the best option for you. Bring the meditation to your wedding table decorations whilst keeping it simple and elegant.

Lantern Light

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 17

Adding a filter to the table is near impossible but the lighting effect can be slightly altered with the use of lanterns and lamps. These can dull the candle brightness for a romantic evening feel and add character with the choice of colour you would prefer.

Romantic Blush

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 18

Go with the theme you want, if that is pink, go with it. Throwing different shades of colour and a mix of accessories will help create the perfect table for you.

Tropical Cactus Theme

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 19

If the texture is what you are after, this could be the theme for you. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes and offer unique decoration. The price can be slightly higher with these plants, but keeping it small and simple will help.

Metallic Decoration

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 20

When choosing a colour, you don’t need to stick to matte, why not play with metallic colours? They can be introduced lightly with just the table number or name card font to stay minimal.

The Centrepiece of the Day

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 21

This centrepiece will be the one everyone is talking about, candles and foilage in a dreamy gold box. Centrepieces can fit any theme with the personal touch of blooms and candles. Etsy provides a range of grand centrepieces with all price points in mind.

Table Runners

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 22

Table runners can suit any wedding and are a creative way of creating a base layer for the table confetti, menu or glassware. Pick the thickness and colour that works best for you, and don’t forget about the pattern.

The Table Number

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 23

Table numbers will defiantly be included on your big day, as it helps to place all your guests when eating. These shouldn’t be forgotten about when it comes to decoration. These details can become small centrepieces by opting for 3D, small signage or even glass to help make them stand out.

Colour Pop

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 24

Incorporating colour into the reception can easily brighten the room or transform it depending on the interior. Multiple options are available from flowers to table runners, to glassware and cutlery, the options are endless. Browse online shopping websites for colourful ideas.

The Coastal Theme

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 25

A coastal theme is great for beach weddings or anyone wanting to incorporate the sea into their big day. Blue and white are often go-to colours, but adding some gold accessories such as table confetti or a small sign to the table can duplicate the look of gold.

Napkins and Chargers

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 26

The small details on the table can help dreams turn into reality bit by bit, the day will take its course and you will look back happy on a special day. Try alternating napkin colours alongside the use of chargers. The patterned plate can add that little bit extra on the day.

Balloon Decor

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 27

Adding height and decoration with balloons is a fun and creative way to transform your wedding reception tables. They can be used to highlight table numbers or simply add colour to the room. There are also many types such as clear, colour, confetti-filled, large and small, so take your pick.

The Ribbon Detail

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 28

The small details on the plates such as ribbon and foliage can also add to the table decoration with simplicity in mind. If large centrepieces are not your style, experiment with the smaller details.

Boho Chic Floral Arrangements

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 29

Another great way to remember your wedding day is by choosing dried flowers for your tables. They will last past the day as a memory, but also help to create a rustic feel for any barn weddings. They would also work nicely appearing around the venue throughout the day.

Letter Signage

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 30

A personalised touch for your reception tables could be adding a romantic word in the room or even the names of the couple. It is a more modern option for the day that brings light into the room but also ends the search for candles and flowers. The sign could also be any size and made small enough to fit on any table.

A Floral Design

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 31

If flowers are your choice of decoration for the day at your wedding, why not experiment with height and alter the choice of flower throughout? Shopping for flowers can be challenging when presented with many options, but by alternating the green and the colour, they can be designed to your exact requirements with the florist.

Rustic Wood Theme

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 32

Vases are not the only item to add volume to a table, try wooden features such as signage or plaques to give an earthy feel to the day. Also great for an outdoor wedding in the summer.

Bohemian Wedding

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 33

Small textured candle jars and a mix of flowers in the season’s colours are a great way to create a bohemian feel. Alternating florals and texture for a more natural feel. Experiment on the wedding table with different textures.

A Gardening Theme

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 34

Add a unique touch to the wedding table decorations by using small wellies and flower vases. This adds character to the day and would fit in well with an outdoor nature venue or gardening theme. Simple and sweet.

Natural Beeswax Candles

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 35

Alternating candles for soy and beeswax candles are a more environmentally friendly way of using candles on the tables. There are many options and colours for the big day too, and many can be bought from independent sellers.

Confetti Table

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 36

A good talking point for guests could be created by adding confetti to the table, as decoration or in a fun way to throw over the couple throughout the evening. Simple decoration but very effective. Do not forget about biodegradable confetti, a great alternative and better for the environment.

Small Signage

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 37

Showing your guests the food or drink menu doesn’t have to be boring. Shop for inspiration with your signage and work into your table decoration by alternating wood, glass and paper.

Ombre Flower Design

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 38

Spring and autumn months will work best with this decoration choice, blending the colours of flowers gradually along the table. This is a beautiful idea of combing colours and flowers together.

Macramé Table Runners

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 39

For a chic bohemian wedding feel, go for macramé table runners and chair hangings. These add elegance and texture to the decoration. They are also great for covering more natural wooden furniture.

Christmas Time

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 40

Of course, we have to cover all the seasons, Christmas is a great time of year for wedding decorations. Usually, the venue may already have its decorations up so this can be blended into what there is at the venue. A fur garland with pinecones is a great place to start.

Candle Jars

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 41

Add height and flowers to your candles with glass jars. Choosing reused glass can also have a positive environmental impact on your wedding day and reduces cost expenditure.

Gold Candle Holders

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 42

If candlelight is your chosen decoration, experimenting with candle holders could help with arranging your table nicely. Gold can help to create a glamorous effect or a more colourful option if you would prefer.

A Napkin Choice

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 43

Napkin pockets can add unexpected detail to the plate set up, whether you choose personalised napkins, coloured napkins or even napkin pockets, there are many different options. Adding a small amount of foliage and even a small food item can help to offer that special touch.

Gold Decoration

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 44

Adding a small bit of gold to any wedding reception table can add a bit more sophistication. This napkin weight is a lovely way of adding a small amount of detail alongside your plates.

Pale Nudes

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 45

Nude and white flowers work perfectly together to create a summary and romantic feel. The use of clay plates can help to bring the outdoor theme to life and match your flower arrangement.

Polaroids and Pottery

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 46

A personalised touch could be added with polaroid pictures of the happy couple on every table. A lovely way to share memories with your loved ones. Place alongside small pottery pieces for an organic feel.

Roses and Velvet

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 47

Velvet and red roses are an elegant choice for a wooden table and outdoor decoration. A forest wedding would be perfect for this rustic idea or an indoor castle wedding.

A Romantic Feel

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 48

A black tablecloth and mustard-coloured velvet work well with long black pillar candles for a historical feel in a brick high ceiling room.

Jars and Foilage

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 49

Painting jars is an authentic way to create a DIY table decoration for your big day. Adding foliage can also add a small delicate touch to the table.

Long-stemmed Flowers

Stunning Wedding Table Decor Ideas 50

Long-stemmed flowers are another way of adding some height to the decoration, but they can also be styled in a few different ways. Try swapping your vases for shallow dishes and small pottery items. The alternating items will help to create a character and unique way of displaying the flowers.


Written by

Emily Perry

Emily is our Sales and Marketing Assistant! She has a Degree in Fashion Promotion BA (Hons) and a Masters in Event Management (Msc). In her spare time she enjoys going to the gym, drinks with friends and exploring new places.

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