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The fact that there are three major conservation areas in Shepperton – Church Square, Lower Halliford, and Manygate Lane – says much about this Surrey town that sits above the River Thames. The river provides the scenic footpath enjoyed by residents for a quiet stroll, just one of the fine open air amenities in this district. Another adornment here is Shepperton Studios, bringing a touch of glamour and romance to the place – Hugo a recent production, Oliver! a rather earlier one. As a part of Surrey rather than London, though many would think of it as belonging to the capital, a wedding here has the benefits of the metropolis nearby – Heathrow a short drive distant for example – and of the wider, more open world beyond.

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If you are looking for a contemporary setting for your wedding, look no further than…
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At Sunbury Golf Centre, not only do we offer the beautiful , exclusive 'Old Barn'…
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Shepperton Studios
West London
For more information call 0871 716 2608 Calls cost no more than 10p a minute
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