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Looking at a map you’d be forgiven thinking all roads lead to Ollerton – as maybe yours will for your wedding – with seven such radiating from this little town on the edge of Sherwood Forest, with the Major Oak just a mile or so westward. It once boasted almost as many Dukes, whose fine mansions in the area gave it the nickname The Dukeries. Those nobles have gone but their architectural legacy remains, having lasted longer than the mining industry that was once economically vital here. An idea for the wedding breakfast – the wonderful Stichelton Dairy is nearby, their blue cheese one of Britain’s finest.

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Rufford Abbey Country Park is a historic estate in the Nottinghamshire Dukeries, three miles east…
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Thoresby Park
Set in the heart of Sherwood Forest, surrounded by untouched natural beauty, Thoresby is one…
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