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It must be something of an omen for those marrying in Hinckley that on the outskirts of this Leicestershire town sits the settlement of Weddington. Not that people getting married are at all superstitious. If the groom here needs an excuse to ask his intended to wear stockings as part of her outfit, or she to wear them, then the town’s history as a major centre of the industry in past times could serve nicely – it would be rude not to do so surely? And while we are on the local links trail, there are a couple more that merit a mention in this context: sadly neither of the town’s two motor-vehicle makers – Triumph Motorcycles and Ultima Sports cars – seem to fit the standard idea of wedding transport, though for enthusiasts maybe they could work; but the local nickname for the town, Tin ’At, bodes well for a party, said to derive from a boastful sheep drover who drained a specially made tin hat of ale to prove he could do the deed. Best to stick to glasses at the reception though. On more practical matters, the town is central to England, and has the M6, M69, and M1 all within a few minutes’ drive, to make life easy for guests arriving from afar.

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