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As Dartford is most famous for its crossings, the bridge and tunnel taking people over the great River Thames, a wedding here brings a certain symbolism – you are of course passing from one state to another. Its service to travellers goes back many many centuries, attracting for that reason various religious orders including the ever intriguing Knights Templar. The place now is very much a part of the capital, but has kept its identity. Those holding their big day here should surely look through the Rolling Stones catalogue given Jagger and Richards came from the town: we’d not go for Sympathy for the Devil, opting maybe for Fool to Cry. Sleep Tonight could be ironic, Let’s Spend the Night Together a bit brash; how about simply Happy then?

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Princes Park is a modern, eco-friendly stadium, opened in 2006. We have a choice of…
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Amar Hall
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