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Corbridge is only a short car ride away from the hectic and buzzing city of Newcastle, but it’s a world apart too, an ancient rural village – albeit a large one – where things move at their own pace. There’s a protective feel to the settlement too, no bad thing for a wedding venue, a legacy perhaps of the site’s history: this was once the furthest fortified outpost of the Roman Empire; and later it learned how to keep the marauding Scots at bay – their rather more peaceful descendents are welcome nowadays, by the way. Ancient buildings like the church of St Andrew (very ancient – it dates from the 7th century), and two pele towers add to that feeling of rootedness and solidity, fine elements in any wedding venue. And if you prefer your romance a bit softer, Corbridge boasts a connection with Catherine Cookson, who made her home here at one time.

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Healey Barn
Healey Barn is an award winning wedding barn made from a fantastic set of traditional…
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