Given you’ll be setting out on a metaphorical voyage as – or so we take it – you are about to marry, Boston, linked to one of the most famous voyages in history, that of the Pilgrim Fathers to Massachusett, seems like a pretty apposite sort of place from which to start. They didn’t do too badly for themselves, we hope you enjoy similar fortunes! You can get a feeling of connection with them just walking by the River Witham, or by a visit to the Guildhall where they were imprisoned and tried, now restored to something like its former glories, just one of several fine old buildings (and hostelries!) that grace the centre and the outskirts of this historic town.
The fens are an atmospheric area, not exactly famed for their heights, so navigating to the town is simple – spot ‘the Stump’, St Botolph’s Church, and head for that (especially helpful instructions if you are marrying in that landmark church, its massive tower visible from many miles away). Less practically anyone heading here from London could try to follow the Prime Meridian which actually goes through Boston, but we foresee a few problems with that scheme – though not with finding a great wedding venue here.

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White Hart Hotel
On behalf of the entire team here at the White Hart Hotel may we congratulate…
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The Granary
The Granary Wedding Barn and Elms Farm Cottages are located just outside the historic market…
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