11 Wedding Venues in Sunderland found

Sunderland has moved with the times, its old smokestack-self replaced by successes like its renowned Nissan plant. The character of place and people, however, has remained constant – positive, enjoying a laugh and maybe a glass or two – no wonder the words Nil Desperandum (Don’t Despair) feature in its motto. So too the geography of the place, the River Wear at the heart of the valley containing the settlement, some would say cradling it, the smart marina another symbol of progress and energy. There’s an almost hidden side, or maybe unlooked for aspect, to the town as well, its beaches beloved of painter L.S. Lowry, and its parks and gardens regularly winning awards. Cheerful, blooming, energetic – harness those qualities in your wedding and marriage and you won’t go far wrong.

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