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If you’re looking for a wedding venue in a place that’s really rooted in this country’s history, Faversham could be the one for you. Not only is there evidence of settlement here before the Romans arrived, but at one time it was very probably the capital, albeit just for the summers, of the Kingdom – well, the Kingdom of Kent. The town is rich with architectural evidence of that past – the remains of a Roman theatre, a handful of buildings remaining still from the medieval abbey, and plenty of ancient structures in the town’s centre. It enjoys another meaningful link to our national psyche too, in that it is at the heart of the Kent hopfields, and has a brewery that dates back to at least the 17th century. The surrounding countryside too will strike a chord, whether in the form of stately homes or more modern spots whose architects have been skilled enough to incorporate cues like oast-house style roofs. And here’s another perhaps unexpected plus in Faversham’s favour: nobody can guarantee this will be repeated anytime soon, but on August 10th 2003 broke the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in Britain, the thermometers hitting 38.5C.

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