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As if deliberately differentiating itself from the Kent town of the same name, Dorset’s version is pronounced with a G like the fishy bit the gill rather than the girl’s name Gill. ..Show More

It has plenty more to make the place stand out too, with a nice omen for the wedding planner too – silk, so often vital for the wedding gown, was made here for many years. On the basis that if it’s good enough for royalty it’s good enough for you Gillingham has a claim to your attention too, with the Normans establishing a royal hunting forest outside the town, and later the first three Henrys and the infamous King John staying at the hunting lodge. The lovely countryside around the town is in its favour too, as striking now as when the painter John Constable, staying with the local vicar, was taken with it in the 1820s, his picture of the town’s old bridge now to be found in the Tate (so maybe your photographer can take some inspiration for his or her images from his particular art). ..Show Less

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