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Victoria can provide a variety of solutions for music at your events, from classical arias during the service, to a full band playing music for the reception. The client may choose songs from her current repertoire or ask for a special request and she will learn it.

Victoria offers a very special bespoke songwriting service. As an accomplished songwriter, she can help people write a personalised song as a special surprise for a loved one. They can then either perform it themselves, with help from Victoria who is also a vocal coach, or it can be sung by Victoria.

In addition to weddings, she can provide an appropriate backdrop for most formal and informal occasions, with a wide range of musical styles and a flexible repertoire that is tailored to your client’s needs.

The client has the choice of a number of different configurations with regard to instrumentation – below is a list of the most common, although any mix of those elements is possible.


Victoria Klewin

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