The feel

You’ve set the scene, the table’s laid, the drinks poured and the speeches prepared. Why not add the finishing touch by employing a live harpist? First impressions count and as your guests enter the room the harp instantly becomes a focal point, a conversation starter and mood setter.

I play a 34 string celtic harp and have many years of performing experience. I mostly play and sing traditional melodies which compliment the instrument perfectly ranging from popular folk tunes (Greensleeves) to classical pieces (Ave Maria), the latter being perfect to walk down the aisle to.

My harp is small enough to fit into any venue and is easy to move from room to room without the need of trolleys, vans or manpower. The sound does not dominate the event, although if louder volumes are required the harp can be amplified.

Any function is considered from birthdays to corporate events.


Laura Keay

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