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Hello and welcome to AD Media 😊

My name is Aryan and I’m a well known professional wedding & commercial photographer/ videographer based in Dundee, Scotland. I began my photography journey at the tender age of 14 and have worked my way up by photographing a range of things from events to weddings, personal portraits and special occasions. I love using my camera to tell a visual story! For me, photography is not about just capturing the moments but doing this in a creative way.

As you can imagine, I love creating visually stunning content especially at weddings, where every moment is emotionally charged. Wedding photography is very personal, and I aim to capture not only the main moments but also the best moments which often go unnoticed. Depending on the wedding and number of guests, I may have one or two assistants to ensure no moment goes unnoticed! My assistants and I will work simultaneously to capture all aspects of your wedding in a unique way so that I can give you real-life and unforgettable memories of your special day.


AD Media – Wedding photographer/ Videographer
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AD Media – Wedding photographer/ Videographer