The Cutest Ways To Ask ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’

Published date: 6th October 2020 | Author: Hollie Bond

Looking for inspired ideas to pop the question to your best girls? From cute bridesmaids cards to sweet surprises, these are the best and most unforgettable ways to ask your friends ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’.

It’s one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning and probably one of the very first things you thought about once you had a ring on your finger… who would become part of your bridal party. Whether you knew straight away who you’d love as your bridesmaids or if it was more of an agonising choice between a group of really good friends, you’ll want to make sure you ask these special ladies in your life to walk down the aisle with you in a memorable and heartfelt way. After all it’s not just the sort of question you can ask in passing.

You’re telling these girls that they are extremely important to you and that you need their love and support on the biggest day of your life. Plus, you’re also bestowing a pretty awesome honour on them – the chance to walk down the aisle with you, feature in all the best pictures and to plan and pull off an awesome hen party for you.

The good news is there are loads of lovely ways to pop the bridesmaid question these days that appeal to all budgets and types of friendships. Remember to consider how many bridesmaids you’re asking though before you get your heart set on some of these creative ways to ask. If you’re going big with 12 maids, you’ll probably just want to buy a personalised card for each of them, whereas if you’re just having one or two girls in your bridal posse you can afford to be a little bit more generous and consider something like a bridesmaid gift box or even an experience day.

We’ve rounded up the best ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ ideas, cards and gifts to help you make the bridesmaid proposal moment as special and memorable as possible…

‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Cards

If you’re trying to save as much money as possible for the big day and to put towards some lovely dresses for your bridesmaids then it can be a brilliant budget-friendly idea to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid via the medium of a card.

This doesn’t have to be a classic card from a shop, you can have all sorts of fun with personalised cards or cards with funny messages if you search online. Here are some of our favourite bridesmaids cards that will guarantee a wonderful reaction from your bestie when she opens the envelope!

Dress To Impress

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

I promise I won’t make you wear an ugly dress card, £2, Sweetheartfoils on Etsy

Have a bit of a giggle with your bridesmaid proposal with a funny card like this one, which promises to not put your friend in an ugly dress, which is every bridesmaid’s biggest fear!

Act Surprised

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Bridesmaid request card, £3.45, Dandypug at Etsy

If your bestie knows she’s always been on the cards for a role as maid of honour or bridesmaid you might want to acknowledge that fact with this fun card.

You (f)rock!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Funny card, £3.50, wordplaydesign.co.uk

This card is a fun way to ask your bestie to become your bridesmaid. If you have a jokey relationship with her she’ll find this card a hoot.

Photo Finish

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Minimalist modern photo card, £2.35, Zazzle

Choose a favourite photo of the two of you, (yes we know this might take hours!) and then use that to create a lovely personalised card to act as your bridesmaid proposal.

Pretty As a Picture

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Bridesmaid greeting card, £3.50, Bow & Arrow Press at Papier

We love this cute illustrated card from Papier, which is a smart choice for a bridesmaid card. You can personalise the inside of the card too.

Rustic Romance

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Pack of six bridesmaid proposal cards, £4, Paperchase

You can find a pretty bridesmaid card on the high street as well as online, and fab stationers Paperchase have this smart rustic option that will work perfectly for your bridesmaid proposal.

‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Gift Ideas

Fancy doing something a bit more extravagant to show your mates just how amazing they are and how much you’d appreciate them being your bridesmaid? How about giving them a special ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ gift? There are all sorts of bridesmaid gifts you could give that are specific to your friendship or there are lots of lovely gift ideas already created for this special occasion of popping the bridesmaids question…

Up, Up And Away

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Will you be my bridesmaid balloon, £19.99, The Party Company

Send your bridesmaid-to-be a big box with a surprise helium balloon inside that’ll float out to reveal the question you’ve been dying to ask. It’s a really fun and inventive way to ask her to be in your bridal party.

In The Bag

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Perfect pouch, £14.99, Katie Loxton

A beautiful bridesmaid pouch from Katie Loxton is a chic way to ask your friend to be your bridesmaid and she can even use it on the big day itself to keep important things like lipstick and plasters in for you!

Drink Up!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Personalised Wooden Wine Gift Box, £19.99, Wedding Star

Looking for creative ways to say cheers to your best girls? How about sending a lovely wooden box containing their favourite wine, with the message etched onto the front of the box?

Sweet Treat

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Will you be my bridesmaid gift biscuits, from £22, Honeywell Biscuit Co.

How pretty are these biscuits? Almost too good to eat you might say. Having your message to your friend written on a biscuit is an ingenious and tasty way to pop the question.

Tea For Two

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Secret message mug, £16, The Letter Loft

Invite your bridesmaid-to-be over for a cuppa and serve hers in this cool mug which has a hidden message at the bottom with the all important ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ question! It’s such a fun and unexpected way for her to receive the good news that she’s part of your bridal party.

Big Day Bottoms Up

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Rose gold personalised wine label, £3.40, Peachy Prints Uk on Etsy

If you always get together with your best girl over a bottle of wine then a personalised wine label can be a really fun way to ask her to be your maid. Choose her favourite bottle of wine and then order a pretty personalised wine label to stick on it et voilà… the perfect bridesmaid proposal.

Proposal Gift

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

‘I Couldn’t Tie The Knot Without You’ Bridesmaid Bangle, £20, Junk Jewels at Not on the High Street

Something that your maid can also wear on the wedding day is a great idea for a bridesmaid proposal gift. A necklace or bracelet that’ll look lovely with her bridesmaid dress will work perfectly, and there are plenty of options that come with packaging that ask the important question!

Light Of My Life

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Scented candle, £16, Kindred Fires

If your best mate lights up your life, let her know with a bridesmaid proposal that is flaming good! Plus, everyone loves a scented candle for their home and it’ll remind her throughout the planning journey how special it is to be your maid.

‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Gift Boxes

Everyone loves the anticipation of opening a box to find out what’s inside. There are some really gorgeous bridesmaids boxes specifically for this special occasion on the market if you love this idea or you can get creative and make your own up including some fun clues and personalised presents that’ll help your friends guess what you’re about to ask them.

Maid In Heaven

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Will You Be My Maid Of Honour Personalised Gift Box, £19.99, Team Hen at Not on the High Street

This gift box will be a real treat for any bridesmaid and looks seriously chic and bridal. Inside your maid-to-be will find a ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’ card, a hen party planning notebook, a chocolate bar, a diamanté pen, a hair tie and a lapel pin. We reckon she’ll get what you’re asking when she unwraps that little lot.

Make It Personal

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Will you be my bridesmaid box, £70, Build My Gift

If you want a bit more say about what goes inside your bridesmaids’ gift box then this is the one for you. Build My Gift gives you the option to choose from a selection of pretty cards, and then there’s a lot of pretty gifts to add too.

All In a Name

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Bridesmaid Proposal Thank You Personalised Gift Box, £12, Design by Eleven at Not on the High Street

This box can be personalised with your bridesmaid’s name, so will make a lovely keepsake for her once she’s enjoyed all the goodies inside. Just imagine her excitement when she she’s such a personalised gift coming her way!

Pop The Question

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Personalised Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box, £14.95, Dibor at Not on the High Street

Keep the suspense going with this box which reveals its message under the lid with a lovely ‘Please will you be my bridesmaid?’ message. Your soon-to-be maid will also love all the cute gifts you choose to fill it with.

Team Bride

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Personalised Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Box, £16.95, Milly Inspired at Not on the High Street

Recruit your bestie to ‘Team Bride’ with this elegant box that includes a necklace, a planning notebook, a sweet treat a scented candle and a notebook. Everything you need to win her over to the bridal party!

Luxe Lovers

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

‘Box Of Delights’ Luxury Gift Box For Her, £45, Twinkleboxco at Not on the High Street

Treat your besties to a special box of treats that she’ll be able to use during the wedding planning process to look and feel her very best as a bridesmaid. This box includes lovely beauty produces and sweet treats and is a really lovely way to start your journey together to the aisle.

Flower Power

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

Personalised vibrant flower frame bridesmaid box, £34.95, Prezzybox

This is a beautiful box that you can fill with your own contents and make as personalised as you like for each individual maid. This design is super cute and your maids can use it for a long time after the big day itself.

‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’ Surprises

Asking your friends to be your bridesmaids doesn’t have to involve a gift or card, it can be lovely to do something special together instead. How about booking a surprise afternoon tea for your girls and then revealing that the reason for it is because you’re hoping this special group of girls will be your bridal party? We love BB Bakery’s vintage bus tour, which is perfect for a bridesmaid proposal.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid question ideas

The sky’s the limit when it comes to asking this question, quite literally you could even have a flypast with the words written on a banner at the back of the plane (budget allowing!!). Be creative and have fun with the question, after all, you’ll only get to ask your girls this important question once!

Some of our favourite surprises include

  • booking a surprise spa day for you and your girls and then asking them to be your bridesmaids while you’re being pampered;
  • going for a night out and asking the DJ to pop the questions for you as a special request;
  • going for a wine tasting and asking your girls to help choose the wine for your wedding as their first task;
  • booking a glamping or self-catering weekend and asking them over a meal and some drinks; or
  • inviting them on a shopping trip and revealing that it’s to look for bridesmaid dresses when you’re there!

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