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The Award-Winning Wedding Venues for 2024

Planning a wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming, and finding the perfect venue is often a top priority for couples embarking on their matrimonial journey. In the dynamic world of wedding planning, staying updated on the latest and greatest venues is crucial. Enter “The Wedding Industry Awards” (TWIA), an institution that recognises and rewards excellence in the UK wedding industry.

Coming up is your VIP pass to the best of the best – the crème de la crème of wedding venues crowned by TWIA and voted by the real experts: couples.

The Importance of TWIA Awards

The TWIA awards are not just another set of accolades; they are a testament to the wedding venues that go the extra mile to make a couple’s special day truly magical. These awards recognise and celebrate venues that provide exceptional service, exceeding the dreams of couples who tie the knot at their locations. It’s not just about brick and mortar; it’s about creating an experience that lingers in the hearts of those who say, “I do.”

Let’s shine the spotlight on the regional finalists, highly commended venues, and the ultimate winners of The 2024 Wedding Industry Awards.


The Finalists

Imagine the joy of being a finalist in an award determined not by a panel of judges in closed rooms, but by the very couples who exchanged vows within the venues in the past 12 months. Achieving finalist status is a nod to the dedication and effort put into making every wedding day an unforgettable celebration. This recognition is authentic and resonates with those who matter most – the couples who have experienced the magic firsthand.

Tyn Dwr Hall – Historic Building – North West
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for tyn dwr hall 1

Located in the heart of North West England, is a historic venue surrounded by enchanting gardens and woodlands. Its timeless architecture and elegant charm make it the perfect setting for couples seeking a classic and picturesque wedding.

“I couldn’t recommend the venue enough. The Hall and surrounding grounds are beautiful, all set against a stunning backdrop”

Doddington Hall – Historic Building – East of England
doddington hall

Situated in the East of England, Doddington is an architectural masterpiece with stately rooms and stunning gardens. This venue offers a harmonious blend of history and romance, providing couples with a fairy-tale backdrop for their special day.

“A beautiful venue, stunning location and plenty of parking available and close to the city of Lincoln”

Offley Place – Historic Building – East of England
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for Offley Place Hertfordshire's Award Winning Wedding Venue .png 2

Nestled in the heart of the East of England, lies this historic gem surrounded by 27 acres of lush parkland. Known for its sophistication and tranquillity, Offley Place provides an idyllic setting for couples seeking timeless elegance on their wedding day.

“Offley Place made our wedding dreams come true. The attention to detail and the surroundings made our day truly magical.”

Tudor Barn Eltham – Best Barn – South East
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for cropped 3

Tudor Barn Eltham, seamlessly blends Tudor heritage with modern amenities. With exposed beams and open spaces, it offers a warm and intimate atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for couples desiring a mix of tradition and contemporary flair.

“We had a perfect day and have been receiving lots of positive comments about how smoothly the day ran and how good the food was from our guests.”


The Highly Commended

Moving on to the highly commended venues, these are establishments that have caught the eye of judges after careful consideration of votes and couples’ comments. The judges recognise the outstanding efforts of these venues, acknowledging the positive feedback and the impact they’ve had on the couples who celebrated their special day within their premises.

Runa Farm – Best Barn – Yorkshire & North East
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for PHOTO 4

Runa Farm, Highly Commended in Yorkshire & North East, is a rustic retreat surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Yorkshire. Its exposed brick and wooden beams create a warm and charming atmosphere, providing an authentic and intimate setting for weddings.

“Choosing Runa Farm was the best decision. The rustic setting and warm atmosphere created the perfect ambiance for our wedding.”

Woodhall Manor – Other – East of England
country house venue type

Woodhall Manor, offers a touch of uniqueness and versatility. From its historic charm to the enchanting gardens and Dovecote, it provides a canvas for couples to craft a wedding day as unique as their love story.

“Woodhall Manor’s charm is unmatched. Our wedding day was filled with enchantment, we wouldn’t have had it any other way, and the team were incredible!”


Crowning The Winners

Now, let’s shed light on the ultimate winners of The 2024 Wedding Industry Awards. These venues have not only garnered votes and comments from past couples but have also undergone meticulous scrutiny from judges who delved into the venues’ websites, social media presence and the entire wedding venue. The judges, after analysing the wealth of feedback and evaluating the online representation, have crowned these venues as the best in their respective regions.

Manor by the Lake - South West
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for Manor By The Lake 5

Manor by the Lake, the winner in the South West, is nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds and is a luxurious venue set amidst seven acres of stunning grounds. With a majestic manor house and enchanting gardens, it provides a fairy-tale setting for couples seeking opulence and grandeur.

“Manor by the Lake exceeded our wildest dreams. Every detail was perfection, and our wedding day was truly magical.”

Burlton Manor – Best Barn – West Midlands
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for Burlton Manor test.jpg 6

The winner in the Best Barn category in the West Midlands, is a rustic retreat with exposed wooden beams and rural charm. It offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere, emphasising the simplicity of nature for couples seeking a warm and genuine celebration.

“The setting is stunning and the interior is absolutely beautiful. You won’t be disappointed!”

Heaton House Farm – Best Barn – North West
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for Heaton House Farm 7

Heaton House Farm, the winner for Best Barn in the North West, seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern luxury. Set against the backdrop of rolling hills, it provides a balanced setting for couples seeking a wedding day that combines tradition with contemporary flair.

“To all the staff at Heaton House Farm, Thank you so much for all your help in making the day so special”

Brockencote Hall Hotel – Hotel – West Midlands
The Award Winning Wedding Venues for hotel brockencote 8

The winner in the Hotel category in the West Midlands, is synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication. Surrounded by lush countryside, it offers a grand setting for couples seeking a wedding day that exudes luxury and romance.

“Our wedding at Brockencote Hall Hotel was fabulous. The venue’s exceptional service made our day truly special.”


Find Your Dream Venue!

Ready to start your own wedding journey? Explore these award-winning venues and more on our Venue Finder. Your dream wedding venue is just a click away!

In the world of weddings, where dreams are woven into reality, The Wedding Industry Awards stands as a beacon, guiding couples to the most exceptional venues.

From all of us here at FBFW, congratulations to the winners, the highly commended, and all the finalists who continue to make wedding dreams come true!

The Award Winning Wedding Venues for fbfw cta map icon v2 9

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