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Start Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Guide

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Ah, the start of a wedding planning process – it’s a magical time filled with endless possibilities, heartfelt emotions, and a touch of delightful chaos. Our mission today is to make your journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Together, we’ll start to navigate through the beginning of the decision maze of wedding planning, while keeping the process as stress-free as possible, and, of course, absolutely fabulous!

Think of us as your go-to resource, your expert who’s always ready to lend an ear and offer practical advice. From sharing top tips to supplying you with a wedding planning checklist, we’ll guide you through the initial stages of your wedding planning process. So, grab a comfy seat, get ready for some wedding planning therapy, and let’s embark on this adventure together!

Pop the Bubbly and Reflect

First things first, let’s celebrate your engagement in style! Share the fantastic news with your family and friends and take some time to bask in the joy and excitement of this milestone. Reflect on the beautiful moments that led you to this point and get ready to embark on a magical wedding planning adventure.

Dream and Discover

Picture this: you, your partner, and a Pinterest board filled with wedding inspiration. Not to boast but our For Better For Worse Pinterest is packed full of a world of inspiration so here is the best place to be.

Take a moment to dream together and discuss the wedding of your dreams. Are you envisioning a rustic barn affair, a chic urban celebration, a countryside manor house or perhaps a destination wedding on a tropical island? Get inspired, explore different styles, and let your creativity flow! By starting off with a shared vision for your big day, this paves the way for an agreed collaboration to tell your unique love story throughout your wedding celebrations.

Here is also a good time to pick a wedding date, think sentimental but also practically. Above all, this date will be remembered forever by you both.

Start Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Guide fbfw cta calendar icon 1

Wedding Date in Mind? We offer you the chance to check the availability of your preferred wedding dates with venues in each county.

The B Word

Now, let’s talk about the “b” word: budget. We know, it’s not the most glamorous topic, but trust us, it’s essential. While wedding planning is a blast, it’s essential to set a budget early on. Take a realistic look at your finances and determine how much you can comfortably spend on your big day. Break down your budget into categories like venue, catering, decor, attire, and entertainment. Keep track of your expenses to ensure you’re staying within your financial means.

Assess your resources, consider contributions from family members, and establish a wedding budget that aligns with your dreams and financial capabilities. Remember, it’s not about the amount you spend – it’s about creating a day that reflects your love and priorities.

Top tip: buy wedding insurance! This is your safety blanket in case anything creeps up that could change the course of your wedding plans.

Guest List Love

Ah, the guest list—the part where things can get a little tricky. Start by listing your immediate family members and closest friends. Then, carefully expand the list based on your budget and venue capacity. Remember, it’s your day, and you should be surrounded by those who mean the most to you. But brace yourself for some tough decisions, you’ve got this!

Whilst you’re selecting your guest list, this is the perfect time to assemble your A team! Your nearest and dearest, bridal party and groomsmen that will be with you, front and centre, on your wedding day. Think carefully and select wisely, these VIP’s will be by your side and be there to help you in the planning process and on the big day.

The Hunt Begins

Now comes the fun part, finding the perfect wedding venue. Start by researching local venues and consider factors like capacity, location, and ambiance. Schedule tours, go and visit, and don’t be shy about asking all the questions under the sun, the right wedding venue will cater to your every need.

Maybe you are thinking of a venue further afield? Whether that be in the UK or abroad, we have a directory filled to the brim with extraordinary wedding venues that are just waiting for you to book! Click here.

Oh, and keep an open mind, some hidden gems might surprise you!

Start Wedding Planning: The Ultimate Guide fbfw cta map icon v2 2

Looking for a Wedding Venue? We can arrange for brochures to be sent directly to you based on what you are looking for.

Stationery Galore

Here’s where we get creative, so grab your craft kit or enlist a expert wedding stationery designer and start etching out your vision. From when you send save the dates and wedding invitations, all the way through your signage and decor, this is where you can establish your theme and wedding style.

Whether you are looking for pretty pink floral motifs, or modern monochrome vibes, we have a fab list of stationery suppliers you could check out here.

Vendor Vibes

Your wedding dream team awaits! Take the time to research and secure the services of your top suppliers, starting with your wedding photographer, caterers, and a wedding planner (if you decide to hire one). Browse through portfolios, read reviews, and reach out for consultations.

Stylists and florists and up there with some of the most important people you could enlist to help you on your wedding day. They will make your theme a reality and really set the stage for a magically stunning wedding day. Remember, these professionals will help bring your vision to life, so choose wisely.

Or you’re planning on a full DIY moment? This budget-friendly option is a no-brainer for those of you who have that creative eye, from invites and favours to decor and flowers, you can create it all!

The Attire

This is your moment, to choose outfits that will leave your wedding guests in awe of you both, and to ensure you’re feeling the best versions of yourselves.

Start by scheduling appointments at boutique bridal shops and tailors, to really get a feel for your style and what suits you both best. This part can is a real exciting experience, so pop the champers and indulge in all the dress up moments that you can. Or maybe you’re avid online shoppers? There are so many online high street shops that can offer you cost effective outfits at a fraction of the price, all whilst never scrimping on style or quality. www.asos.com have a fabulous selection of suits, bridesmaid dresses and possibly the perfect wedding dress.

Stay Organised, Stay Sane

To keep your wedding planning journey smooth sailing, arm yourself with some handy tools. Consider creating a wedding planning binder or utilising digital planning apps to keep all your contracts, checklists, and inspiration in one place. A wedding website is a great way to create a central hub for everyone on your guest list to stay up to date with your wedding plans and information – pop on your wedding gift list to help your loved ones with their present buying. Stay organised, but also give yourself permission to have fun and enjoy the process.

And breathe! We made it, this is the core start of your entire wedding planning process, so congratulations on taking the first steps towards it! With this guide to start wedding planning and our entire blog section from our industry experts, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Remember, this journey is all about celebrating your love and creating unforgettable memories. Stay true to your vision, embrace the adventure, and enjoy every moment along the way. Your dream wedding party is just around the corner!