Stag & Hen Ideas Liverpool

Published date: 1st January 2018

Liverpool isn’t Las Vegas, but then Vegas isn’t Liverpool either – in the city by the Mersey pretty much everyone is a comedian, not just the professionals. And losing your money in a casino is the same in both cities!

Along with that deserved reputation for looking for laughs, Liverpool has plenty of other advantages. With John Lennon Airport connected to Belfast, Derry, Jersey and the Isle of Man the city is in easy reach for plenty of Brits not on the mainland, and for those who are the motorway and rail networks make access easy too. And you don’t need a visa, to change your money, or speak a foreign language (Scouse doesn’t really count).

As a big tourist destination – from the 1960s for fans of the Fab Four, and particularly since 2008 when Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture – there is plenty of competition for your custom, loads of hotels, and no shortage of things to do – for example for stags and hens alike the massive shopping complex Liverpool ONE could be a decider in opting for this venue.

Hens will like the spa facilities on offer here as well as the retail therapy attractions, and you can add a bit of spice to the weekend with some of the saucier activities like Dirty Dancing classes, or even Lap Dancing ones (should that be Dirtier Dancing?). And how about going one stage further than Karaoke by doing a recording session in the place that gave us The Beatles, Cilla, Atomic Kitten (nobody’s perfect), The Teardrop Explodes, Lori and the Chameleons (should’ve been massive), The Zutons…

There are more restrained (a bit at least) activities too, though how long cocktail making remains quiet depends on the crowd. Perfume design sessions are probably a safer bet to slow things a little before hitting the town in the evening.

Making for the fabled Aintree course for a punt or two could be a brilliant idea – provided your trip coincides with one of their meetings; you can be a bit surer about being able to place your bets at a casino in the centre – but don’t spend the honeymoon money please!

For more active outdoor activities for both sexes Liverpool can muster the usual wheeled thrills – karting and quads, along with a tracked option driving a JCB (everybody wants to be Bob the Builder deep down). Go ballistic with the traditional paintball, or clay pigeon shooting, archery and air rifles. Or maybe get a bit more earthy with Gorge scrambling, or more watery if that’s the right progression with white water rafting.

In spite of a recent lack of glory, Liverpool still has a claim to be the UK’s football capital, though Mancs and Londoners would dispute that. Play the game with an organised 5-a-side match, and see your mates feign injury to get a breather; or go to Anfield or Goodison to see highly paid professionals do it properly (play the game and feign injury).

Unlike the action at those two grounds trainers are not going to be welcome at the city’s best clubs, and the rest of the dress code can be equally picky, so don’t spoil the evening by slobbing it. If, as we’d always recommend, you employ the services of an organising company they should make sure you won’t have any slip-ups on that front. And a small tip from us, Scouser wigs and saying “Dey do doh don’t dey?” repeatedly while out on the town would definitely be a bad move.

The nightlife in Liverpool is pretty highly renowned, and a night of it here is really a night of it. Start with a great meal in a city with a huge range of restaurants; relax for a time with a drink or two in a pre-club bar; then hit the clubs themselves – and if you arrange things with an organiser they should be able to help you jump the queues with special concessions, and even go on a guest- or VIP-list, and make sure you go to the best spots around – there are several centres spread around the place for clubs and bars, so you don’t want to take pot luck. And if those heels are hurting a limo could be a smart bit of thinking too.

Liverpool is a great city. And with UK residents not having to travel far you will have more to spend on having a good time rather than on getting there. Enjoy.

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