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How To Use Canva To Increase Engagement

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Anyone that owns a business knows how important posting on social media is. Consistency really is key when it comes to increasing and maintaining your engagement. However, something that really makes a business stand out is custom made images – it makes your content seem more unique! 

And Canva is a fantastic free online tool, perfect for anyone wanting to branch out and create their own content. Plus, it’s so easy to navigate and use, even as a newbie! But what is Canva? And how can it be used to increase engagement? 

Here’s our rundown of the tool and how you can best utilise it to expand and maintain your desired target audience.

What Is Canva?

Canva is widely known as the ‘easiest design tool in the world’, with the ability to create posts, images and stories for multiple social media platforms. Although, it is famous for its amazing Instagram templates. And the best thing about it is that it’s completely free unless you choose to go PRO – although, that isn’t a necessity. 

As already mentioned, it’s great having unique content to post on your social media platforms as it really makes you stand out from the crowd, rather than recycling the same content your audience has probably already seen. So, if you’re a business looking to increase your social/website engagement, Canva is your new best friend!

Charlotte’s Top Tip: If it’s within your budget, go PRO! Canva is a fantastic free tool to use regardless, but the sky’s the limit with the PRO version – and plus more than one person can use it. Office Canva membership anybody? 

How Can Canva Increase Your Engagement?

The whole reason we post on social media is to grab the attention of our desired target audiences. But how can we do that when all of our competitors are posting content just like ours? Your best option is to post consistent content that stands out from the rest. And using tools such as Canva to create your content is a great step in the right direction when it comes to increasing engagement!

The more unique content you upload, the more your engagement and traffic will increase, as your audience realises they can’t get the content you upload from anywhere else! And it’s really as easy as using a free online tool and thinking outside the box every now and again. 

Charlotte’s Top Tip: Research your competitors. This is absolutely imperative if you want to increase your engagement, as you want to post content that is completely unique to you. And finding out the kind of things your competitors post will help to decide what YOU need to put out there!

Tips For Using Canva To Increase Engagement

Now that you know what Canva is and how it can benefit your business – it’s about time we give you some tips for using the tool to do just that!

Here our some of our favourite top tips for using Canva to increase your engagement:

  1. Think Outside The Box – When it comes to social media, where millions of users post on a daily basis, you really need to think outside the box to create unique content. So know your USP (unique selling point) and use that to your advantage.  
  2. Picture Perfect – It goes without saying that to stand out from the crowd and to capture the attention of your desired audience, you need to be posting top quality content. Make sure any images you use are high quality – nothing worse than a blurry Insta post! 
  3. Use Your Templates – If there’s one thing that Canva is famous for, it’s their wide range of fantastic templates that are available for content creation. So use them! It’ll make it so much easier whilst you’re getting used to using it and will save you some time too. 
  4. Do Your Research – Knowing your competitors and their posting patterns is so important for increasing engagement. To stay at the top of the pack, do your research and make sure you know what you’re working with! 
  5. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Risks – Taking risks is scary, trust us we know! But most of the time they pay off. So posting new, unique content is always worth taking the risk for. Social media can be hit or miss. But you won’t know until you try! 

It really is as simple as that. As creatives, taking the opportunity to explore and experiment with new tools is always important. And Canva is a fantastic place to start if you feel like personalised content will benefit your company. 

Charlotte’s Top Tip: Keep this list in mind whilst creating any new content. Whether it be on Canva or another useful tool – the rules still apply for increasing engagement. So get memorising!

Final Thoughts

Canva is an amazing tool to invest your time in. Especially if you’re a business looking to increase your engagement. It’s easy to use, it’s available to everyone and best of all – it’s free! What’s not to love? 

Click here for more advice from our Wedding Hour expert, we promise you won’t regret it!