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How to Budget for Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding? Looking for the ultimate wedding budget breakdown? A guide to perfecting your wedding budget?

Here it is! We’re about to embark on a budgeting adventure that will ensure your special day is not just memorable but financially sound. After all, who says you can’t have your dream wedding without breaking the bank? So, let’s dive into the world of wedding budgets, where love meets financial responsibility.

What Can You Afford?

First up is the most crucial in determining your overall wedding budget, what can you both afford to spend?

Start by sitting down and getting ready to be super transparent, lay out your finances, crunch the numbers, and set a budget that meets with your current financial situation. However big or small, this is your wedding to plan, and it must align with your wants and needs for your special day.

What's Your Entire Budget?

Wedding planning budget notes

Don’t just stop at the obvious expenses. Add a dash of contingency to your budget. Life is full of surprises, and so is the wedding planning process. Having a buffer will make sure you’re prepared for any unexpected costs that may pop up. Consider it your insurance policy against wedding-related curveballs.

How Much Can You Save Monthly?

Determine how much you can squirrel away each month for your dream day. This number will not only help you gauge when the wedding bells will ring but also guide your spending decisions along the way.

There are so many things you can do to help you save money – top tip being, set aside your savings on payday! Don’t wait until everything is counted for and spent, put it aside right away and forget about it. Another would be culling your outgoings, ask yourself if you are both paying for Netflix or NowTV and you don’t watch one of them? Look at your monthly outgoings and cut back on the unnecessary payments.

Are You Getting a Helping Hand?

Are your parents or in-laws generously contributing to the big day? If so, make sure to have an open conversation about their expectations and how much they are willing to contribute. This will help you allocate funds more efficiently and avoid any financial surprises down the aisle.

How Much Does Everything Cost?

How to Budget for Your Wedding fussey sample 25.jpg 1

Knowing industry standards will help you set realistic expectations and prevent sticker shock when you get that quote for floral arrangements or a wedding photographer. Knowledge is power, my friends!

The wedding industry is a huge machine with so many moving parts and wedding costs, but there is something for every couple.

Your dream wedding venue, wedding flowers, wedding cake, wedding stationery, wedding everything has a cost, so our top tip would be to get multiple quotes for everything. Understanding all wedding expenses will put you in a great position when choosing your perfect suppliers.

Allocate about 50% of your budget to the focal point of your celebration: the venue, encompassing both the space, catering expenses and the drinks! Choosing the right venue is pivotal, it set’s the tone, captures the essence of your love story, and, of course, should align with your budgetary dreams.

It’s All About You!

Your wedding should reflect your unique style. Think about what aspects of the day matter most to you. Whether it’s the wedding dress, the venue, or the floral arrangements, prioritise where your heart is. This will not only make your day more special but also ensure that your budget is aligned with your vision.

Lists, Lists, Lists: Non-Negotiables, Nice-to-Haves, and Maybe-Laters

How to Budget for Your Wedding rebeccakerrphotography tori&josh risehall 8.jpg 2

Create three lists: things you must have (non-negotiables), things you’d like to have (nice-to-haves), and things you can skip if your budget is feeling a little too snug. This way, you can prioritise your spending and splurge where it matters most without compromising on your dream wedding.

Debt-Free ‘I Do’s

The last thing you want is to begin your marital journey with a mountain of debt. Be mindful of your spending throughout the planning process. If it’s not in the budget, consider alternatives or find creative ways to cut costs. A beautiful wedding is wonderful, but a financially healthy marriage is even better.

How do you find the venue that will make your heart skip a beat? Head to our website, where we’ve got a treasure trove of wedding venues. Click here to unlock the secrets to a venue that not only fits your budget but also steals your heart.

There you have it, a budgeting guide for your wedding day. Remember, a wedding isn’t just a day; it’s the beginning of a lifetime together.

So, let’s make it memorable, meaningful, and financially fabulous! Happy planning!

How to Budget for Your Wedding fbfw cta calendar icon 3

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