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Published date: 1st January 2018

Every stag and hen venue has its own character and style, but it’s not difficult to argue that Edinburgh has more of both qualities than its rivals. It’s easy to understand why this should be: this is a capital city, and a very beautiful one to boot; it has a wealth of history behind it; and as a capital city it enjoys fantastic facilities (politicians, lawyers and bankers have the money that acts like a magnet to restaurateurs, hoteliers, club owners and entrepreneurs in general).

Beyond the surprisingly compact city too there is much of interest to the stag and hen party organiser: the lovely countryside offers hills and rivers and lochs that are just made for adventure activities, and there are plenty of companies established to offer a range that may even offer some surprises. Canyoning could sort out the men from the boys (or the women from the girls); or how about hang-gliding for a once-in-a-lifetime rush (in a good way, we’re reasonably sure you’ll survive); abseiling for rapid travel in the other direction; or even quicker there’s cliff-jumping (she/he’s not that bad surely?). The water beckons (and is softer if you fall) for many, so how about white-water rafting, or kayaks, or some gentlemanly fly-fishing (we know, the biggest salmon ever caught in Britain was by a woman)? This being Scotland there is another intensely physical option on offer – and we’re not talking lifting pints of heavy – in Highland Games packages. Toss that caber.

That local touch is what may tip the balance in favour of Edinburgh. Some aspects will probably spring to mind easily: there are wonderful tutored tastings of whiskies to educate and lubricate at the same time (it’s cultural and it’s fun), great for those who already love their malts, and for an eye-opener for newbies who think they all taste the same. But what about the ghost walks in this famously spooky city? Or the fact that it is the home of comedy in Scotland (arguably in the whole of Britain), with no shortage of talent determined to make the grade here (and make you laugh till your ribs hurt)? And a couple of other pastimes for which Scotland is famed can easily be arranged: golf days if you want something active that isn’t adrenaline-rich, or clay-pigeon shooting for the marksman or – woman in you?

Edinburgh’s centre is packed with pubs and clubs and restaurants, great for those whose ideal night involves some sort of a tour (or call it a crawl) without needing to fork out constantly for taxis (btw there are dedicated buses for your group you can book if you really don’t want to risk high-heel calluses – or Cuban-heel corns). And as it is rather compact, there is no shortage of accommodation – hotels, apartments, B&Bs and more – a walk or stagger from party central.

Thousands of stag and hen parties head for Edinburgh every year, so there are plenty of specialist operators to help you craft your perfect package, with all the stuff you’d expect to find. For the lads there’s lap dancing, and for the ladies male strippers (or pretend you’re being arty and take a life-drawing class). Before the big-night-out have a big-day-in with indoor paintballing and karting, or risk the weather and try the outside versions. A spin on the karting thing if you’ve been-there-done-that is the rage buggy idea (have a web peek), or even hover-crafting.

For something more relaxed there are spas for pampering, and all sorts of classes from perfume making to cocktail shaking, burlesque to Bollywood dancing, Glee to Thriller themed bashes, and (though it seems late in the day somehow) seduction and foreplay lessons.

And all this surrounded by some of the most historic buildings in Britain, or the finest country views. Can’t be bad.

If you’re still not convinced, then think about one last detail in Edinburgh’s favour. Scotland has as part of its national cuisine what some of us believe to be the best breakfast money can buy. If perchance you have a slight head after a second dry sherry the night before there is nothing like a morning feast of bacon, beans, sausage, eggs, toast, tattie scones and black pudding to revive you. If all else fails try adding porridge. We’ve done the research, trust us.

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