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Published date: 1st January 2018

Bristol has earned quite a reputation of late as a top venue for stag and hen parties. Unlike some rivals the place seems to enjoy catering for raucous groups of mates bent on having a good night (or more than one) out. Maybe it’s something to do with that accent – even somebody threatening to boil your granny would sound laid back if they had the Bristolian twang.

Don’t for goodness though think of Bristol as a backwater. It is one of Britain’s most buzzing spots, a big destination for those wanting a short city break to take in the historical bits, the fine architecture and Brunel’s heritage, and with an excess of energy from its vast student population – which also means a plethora of pubs, clubs, bars and music venues.

If – whoever would have though it? – you are planning a bit of a bar crawl there are various clusters of pubs and clubs dotted about the city, with no lack of variety on offer either. For won’t-let-you-down clubbing many make for Oceana or Syndicate, though there are lots of smaller venues with their own niche that the curious will want to look up. To save on shoe-leather the district to make for on your big night out is probably Harbourside, with loads of places to enjoy a pint or two (if you go West Country native and take to the cider, do remember to pace yourself, this stuff can be rocket-juice), and even the odd ferry or floating hostelry to add variety without needing to hike. The peninsula known as Old City has plenty to offer too, including a range of restaurants for an hour or two sitting down (and lining the stomach); and the Bierkeller on All Saints Street gets a lot of honourable mentions – with some glasses bigger than the average bladder capacity and a jolly Saturday Oompah happening.

These days of course a stag or hen do is not just about (or even at all about) necking large volumes of beer. Daytime stuff is a major component and success factor in the contemporary version. As with all major centres there are specialist firms who can make life easier for you in your Bristol outing (oh! matron), organising the event from transport to hotel to club tickets to activities.

And there are loads of activities to choose from. Think about who is in your party and what best suits them (and you). If you have different groups of pals – school, uni, work, Antarctica expedition etc – then something that will break down barriers pre-night-owl stuff is good: paintballing works for either sex; likewise getting behind a scary sports wheel: karting, quads, dune and mud-buggy racing, track events, they all bring the element of competition and if you sort out teams that split the groups you’ll have a better chance of harmony later on. The same goes for stuff that may be new to everyone – archery and clay-pigeon shooting for example. Or you can opt for something that if they don’t find funny they shouldn’t be out – like It’s a Knockout or West Country Games.

Not everyone

wants to drain their adrenaline (and energy) reserves during the day, so if you are of the maturer persuasion consider more sedate activities like perfume making, life-drawing (though why anyone would want to spend an hour or so staring at a handsome naked man is beyond us), golf, cocktail making, a day of spa-based pampering, or a few games of good old-fashioned pool. Don’t forget too that Bristol has some of the best shopping in the country.

The evening activities don’t need to be limited to weaving from pub to pub either. There are cabarets where you can enjoy firemen-types with oiled torsos (steady now), lap-dancing establishments and gentlemen’s clubs. And if you fancy something a bit more cultural you’ll find Bristol has great theatres and music venues from rock through funk to jazz and classical.

Packages to suit just about every pocket can be found here, from down-and-dirty point us at the pubs to luxury lifestyle breaks with fine food and wine and top-class accommodation.

Bristol then makes a great place for your stag or hen party, so you can all take away great memories, one of which has little or nothing to do with your reason for visiting: the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, still one of the most beautiful man-made sights in the land; it’d be wrong to miss it.

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