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Published date: 1st January 2018

Over the last decade or so Birmingham has transformed itself, though as it is well outside the M25 our national media tend to ignore the fact. In the city you can’t fail to notice some of the more dramatic changes – new buildings like the futuristic Selfridges and the Millennium Point meeting centre catch the eye, though there are innumerable others too. And it’s still going on – the Pallisades Shopping Centre revamp and Birmingham New Street Station to name but two landmark projects.

The transformation has been managed without losing any of the city’s soul, so experiences like visiting the Jewellery Quarter, the vast canal network, and having one of the world famous Balti curries are still there for the asking – and boys (it’s always the guys) if you do go for the curry option (and who’s not tempted?) forget the macho stance, go for tasty not nuclear, your stomach will love you for it in the morning.

So if you are thinking about a stag or hen do in Brum you can look forward to a mix of old and new.

And there are three very practical reasons for choosing Brum (and it’s not to watch The Villa or West Brom): as a great business city it has plenty of accommodation options (but we always suggest working with an organiser who will make sure your hotel or apartment doesn’t object to party types), and the communications are brilliant – airport, mainline trains from everywhere, and so many motorways converging here – the M6, M1, M5, M40 and M54 – that car and coach are easy too. And thirdly with the chance these days that your mates won’t all be close to home – they’ve moved, work has relocated them, you met at uni, or cousin Georgie from Glasgow can’t be left off the list – the centrality of Birmingham is another big plus – a great compromise if you’re dragging them in from all points of Britain.

As a university hub too (there are six by our reckoning) with more than 60,000 students the nightlife is jumping and not stupidly priced if you find the right places – so think organiser again, and get those VIP passes and queue-jumps sorted.

Big city means plenty of options for daytime activities. Something nice and relaxing like enjoying the fabulous shopping – the refurbed Bullring the place to start – or one of the many spas could be in order if you aim to chill, or be ladylike and take afternoon tea or do some cupcake decoration (and eating!). Or heat things up with the traditional karting and paintball, and the nearly as popular clay pigeon shooting or golf. For something very Brum that outsiders won’t immediately think of, how about making the most of the city’s canals with a cruise where you take tea, or something slightly stronger?

The evening meal options here go well beyond that Balti – this is a truly international city, with restaurants from trad chippies to haute cuisine, via dozens of different food cultures that could tickle your particular palate.

And if your ideal evening isn’t clubbing the second city can offer loads of alternatives: comedy clubs (we’re not talking about Birmingham City either), a spot of poker or blackjack at one of the casinos, greyhound racing, the theatre, or simply a quality bar. Or, ok, a lap dancing club. Or somewhere where lithe young gentlemen practice oiled dancing.

As Brum is a big city once you get there you may want to think about a limo or bus depending on your party size, it beats walking and if you must enjoy a convivial glass or three it knocks spots off staggering. Combine transport and fun by having a party in a bus, now there’s a thought. Or a narrow-boat, now there’s another (though a certain amount of care may be involved if everyone is to remain on board!).

So open your minds, think about the pluses this brilliant city has got to offer, and give Brum a go, even if you don’t speak the language. Trarabit.

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