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Thank you for taking the time, to view my details.

I am Jonathan Waterman, a Professional Toastmaster and Master Of Ceremonies, based near

Chigwell In Essex,travelling for me anywhere is no problems.

I cater for all special occasions, but my main focus is on Weddings, and all types of weddings.

Such as Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Gudjrati, Moslem, Buddhist,Greek and more.

I am very passionate about what I do, and my moto is to go the extra mile for all my clients.

I will work with my clients from day one to the big day, helping them realise all expectations.

I will even be present at the Ceremony, to help usher people in, and put on buttonholes.

I will do a lot more, than most other Toastmasters in the trade.

My belief as a toastmaster is to make yourself known as quickly as possible.

I will be delighted to discuss my services with any potential clients, should they require my assistance.

My website is – www.thecompletetoastmaster.co.uk


Jonathan Waterman

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