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86 Museum Venues

Carrie in Sex and the City kind of opened our eyes and the doors to a different kind of wedding venue, the grand public building that in her case meant the imposing portals of New York Public Library. Style without stuffiness, dignity without deities.

Perhaps you envisage rather more atmosphere than your local registry office (try though it may) can provide, but a church affair isn't for you. This is a serious commitment you are making and you feel it demands suitably solemn surroundings, so why not consider one of the great museums and historic buildings in our list? They bring a sense of solidity and decorum, of continuity. They link us with our forebears. Maybe too you have an affinity with what they are recording and celebrating, whether it's of worldwide significance or just a little bit on the quirky side. And of course so many of them are truly beautiful buildings.

On the practical side, you will not want for backdrops for your wedding pictures if you choose such a venue, giving your photographer so much more he can work with; likewise if you choose to have moving images. So happy historic browsing, we're sure you'll find plenty of interest here.