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8 Wedding Venues in North London

Choosing a wedding venue in the capital is no easy task. Even restricting your search to the various boroughs of North London still leaves you with a multitude of possibilities. Does for example the rather bohemian Camden, suit your style, encompassing as it does Hampstead, Bloomsbury and Primrose Hill? Or would Islington be more to your liking, its districts including Highgate and Clerkenwell? In this section of the world’s most cosmopolitan city your choice can be the historic or the ultra-modern. It can be the so very English top-hat-and-tails or harness the energy and style of an entirely different culture. Central to the city or at its edge where the green-belt beckons. Whatever you are seeking can almost certainly be found in our extensive list of venues.

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Other venues

Burgh House

Lord's Cricket Ground

The Amadeus Centre