You’d rather not invite them, but…

Published date: 10th January 2019

Putting the guest list together is, as we’ve said before here, the toughest bit of planning a wedding.

Even with diplomatic skills worthy of a UN Secretary General you will almost inevitably fall out with someone over this, though it may take years for it all to come out. One thing you’ll discover in the process is there are some people you’d like to be a long way from your wedding, but who circumstances dictate you have to invite, or are pressured to, anyway. But if you’re reading this early on you still have time to work on reasons not to, or for example to select bridesmaids whose boyfriends aren’t disgusting. So here’s a brief run through of types to sideline if you possibly can.

Spoilt kids who want to be the centre of attention. If you have family or friends with offspring whose favourite phrase is ‘look at me,’ maybe consider a no-kids bash. We’ve seen ceremonies and receptions alike marred by the presence of such angelic demons.

The drunken uncle, aunt, cousin… Whether you’re afraid of the fights or the drinks tab, avoid if you can – maybe say that it’s for the good of their health that you’re foregoing the pleasure of their company.

The Queen b***h. If you have a cousin whose goal in life is belittling you and everything you do, you could ‘keep the wedding intimate’, or be open with the rest of your family about not inviting her –they may agree with your views.

Fruitarians. A bit judgemental and controversial, but they’ll look askance at what everyone else is eating, even the vegetarians. Loudly zealous teetotallers come under the same umbrella.

Exes – his or hers. Worst case scenario is old love rekindles and on

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