What is Britain’s most romantic spot for weddings?

Published date: 8th January 2019

A survey a couple of years ago by the website hotels.com listed the top 10 romantic locations in Britain, at least according to the views of the 2000 polled. There were not really any surprises in what was included in the line-up, though it was interesting that the top three were regions rather than specific places – the Cotswolds came in third, Cornwall second, and the Lake District third (Devon at number eight was the only other region in the top ten).

For your information, the cities and towns that featured were London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Edinburgh, York, Oxford and Brighton.

Looking over the list set us to thinking, what criteria would the people have in mind when they decided on their answers, as it is clearly a completely subjective topic. What actually makes a place romantic? It is hard to think that the same reasons would lead someone to find, for example, London and the Lake District romantic.

One obvious answer is personal experience – spending a loved-up weekend in a hotel in Brighton would for some qualify the resort as romantic, perhaps. Another is that a place may be associated more generally with happy times – so for the millions of us who have pleasant memories of Cornish beaches and pasties, that county possibly goes in.

But isn’t there a quality of landscape, or other associations, that make somewhere romantic? For our 19th century forbears the wilds of the Yorkshire Moors – backed up by the writings of the Bronte sisters of course – would maybe have figured in their list. So too the Highlands of Scotland – Sir Walter Scott their finest advocate – where a man or woman can look moody and meaningful as the wind streams long tresses behind them. That a place is naturally beautiful surely weighs strongly in its favour as a romantic (wedding or otherwise) destination?

For that reason we’d also push the claims of the Scottish Borders, the Yorkshire Dales, and the Antrim Coast among many others. A certain personal bias here, but the Norfolk Broads, with more beautiful waterside than anywhere else in Britain merits inclusion, and there are no hills to get in the way of the view. Snowdonia is the opposite in landscape terms, but surely those magnificent mountains and hills stir the passions? And how about castles and country houses and inns, the very thought of which turns some of us into romantic goo?

The survey above included more urban centres than landscapes and regions. So maybe when it comes down to it people think romance is linked to having stuff to do, or the excitement of a city’s bustle? Fine restaurants, happening bars and cafes, the theatre, places to spend a glamorous and amorous time would appear to influence the thinking that saw such places predominant in the survey.

Because we are romantic at heart (this is a wedding-related site after all) the answer we came up with for what is the most romantic place to wed is the one that suits the two of you, that is special to you. That may be your home town, a pretty village in the depths of the countryside, or the centre of a big city. We’re just happy we have loads of places from which you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you.

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